E3'10: Natals Last Chance To Stop PS Moves Momentum Backlash Episode 2

Sony has been showing while Microsoft has only been talking but, when Microsoft speaks true power is and has been shown.

This year will be no different as Microsoft is ready to finally show us what Project Natal is all about but there's one thing standing in its way and that's Sony.

Sony also have Natal type of capabilities as well so who will win the motion control battle and most of all who will cut into the Nintendo market the most.

Special Guest On The Show Will Be
Al Zamora (Dual Torrence Davis ( Envy (XNA Developer) Hated Greatness begin_of_the_skype_highlightin g      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (

Listen, Watch, And Decide who represented their arguments the best on todays show.

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Moonboots3074d ago

Microsoft has a lot to prove but how much momentum does Move really have in the mainstream? It seems Move still has a lot to prove itself.

Sony is being a lot more hands on and showing it in practical gaming applications(props!) while MS is taking a hands off/private showing approach.. that makes me more skeptical, but could also lead to me being more impressed if it delivers on the promise. I am going into it with my expectations low just to be safe.

-Alpha3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I have to agree.

There is far too much confidence in the products and none of them have yet to release. Can we at least wait till they RELEASE before acting as if they will be vastly popular or amazing?

I have a lot of confidence in MOVE, but I'm not going to sit here and act as if it's going to destroy Natal. Both approach motion wars in very distinct ways and are in no way comparable IMO.

If HHG is talking sales (I haven't the time to watch his show atm) there is no telling what will happen with Move and Natal. If he is talking game library we HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET.

And Natal hasn't got to prove anything to Move. How can it "prove" something to Move if both are so damn different? Really, both companies have invested in two different paths, so why the need to constantly force a comparison?

As for Move's momentum, once again, let's please wait to see how it does. I know there is hype for Move, and I know there is a lot of high hopes, but that doesn't conclude proof. Price, packaging, games, support, and the traditional use of the gaming controller all will play a role in how successful these middle-stage add-on peripherals will do. Anything can happen, there is so much we have yet to see and know but we're all so adamant on declaring a winner that has to crush and obliterate the rival product.

With all that said both products will showcase how far they've come at E3 and it will be clearer how they will turn out at launch. We've only heard of these products last year and you can bet both MS and Sony are more confident with the year's worth of work they've been putting in. Natal has definitely been more smoke & mirrors, and MS has been more secretive, but I don't understand how this has transpired to "Natal is weak and doomed". MS has to prove Natal is pivotal, but that's got nothing to do with Move and more to do with Natal simply proving itself as an eligible product for consumers


''And Natal hasn't got to prove anything to Move. How can it "prove" something to Move if both are so damn different? Really, both companies have invested in two different paths, so why the need to constantly force a comparison?''

I agree.

Hank Hill3074d ago

I think Natal has to prove that it can properly show what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looks like.

Nike3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

@Hill: Sooooo original. Why South Park hasn'thired you for your skills as a comedian is beyond me. /s

Inside_out3074d ago

It's all about E3....M$ had an incredible E3 last studded with great moments....Expect the same this year...They put a whole day aside for Natal...ALL the momentum is for Natal...Sony is still trying to prove that the " MOVE" is different than a Wii...

It's all about E3...Sony has already shown everything....Natal is Voice activated...has voice recognition...its wireless...controllerless...wh at has everyone scene so far...Red surprises...this is how you build anticpation....Remember...One whole day set aside for Natal...Hmmmm....

Hallmark Moment3074d ago ShowReplies(5)
Nicholas Cage3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

but they have not showed any natal footage exept the infamous big red ball. ive seen a bunch of videos showcasing the playstation move and how amazing it is. if natal is so powerful and great, why arent they showing it? i think because they overestimated their technology and when they seen sonys playstation move they got scared, and scrapped the projects they already had and are currently trying to come up with new ones unsuccessfully. thats why they are hiding has got themselves between a rock and a hard place and i think sony has a more than good chance in wiping natal out.

IHateYouFanboys3074d ago

correction - they havent shown YOU any other footage. they have shown plenty behind closed doors.

remember, Ubisoft alone were working on no less than 12 - yes, twelve - Natal games 6+ months ago. when Natal was first announced they said that there are between 70 and 80 percent of the video game industry publishers already on board making games for it.

expect all to be revealed at E3, release date and price too.

BYE3074d ago

Who cares about what's happening behind closed doors.

Everytime a new, shaky mobile phone video about a person playing with red balls pops up, the whole internet goes apeshit.

They need to show something substantial to give people a reason to hype it. Sane people, that is.

R2D23074d ago

I would rather be surprised than know before hand what we will see at E3.

Nathan Drake23074d ago ShowReplies(2)
RatFuker3074d ago

i ALSO nicholas do not understand why they are NOT showing NATAL. i TOO agree microsoft is AFRAID.

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