Resident Evil 5 - E3 2007 Sony Press Conference Trailer

This Resident Evil 5 trailer shown at Sony's press conference features new scenes compared to the one that was shown at Microsoft's press event.

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CAPS LOCK4531d ago

cool, but doesn't look as good as the old trailer. hmm there seem to be a lot of companies doing that, releasing cgi footage and trying to make the game look like it...but whats up before the video starts? It looks like the ps3 xmb...maybe its a ps3 timed exclusive? only time will tell...Looks good though but too many good games these days have jungle themes.

nasim4531d ago

understandably since ps3 is a way more powerful hardware

razer4531d ago

I disagree the 360 version looks much better because it is the superior hardware.

See I can come to a stupid conclusion just like you based on a CGI trailer and a lack of intelligence.

Jamaicangmr4531d ago

Your both silly the game looks identical on both.

Lord Anubis4531d ago (Edited 4531d ago )

I thought it was the same from the Microsoft event.

Edit: it does have more scenes.

TnS4531d ago

This is absolutely not meant to be flamebait. I have written this description because the trailer is very similar to the other one. That's why I made screengrabs too.

MK_Red4531d ago

Good idea with screen grabs. I haven't seen the MS trailer but I know they announced that the 2 trailers will be different.

PS360PCROCKS4531d ago

what the heck is this like in africa or something?!

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The story is too old to be commented.