Analysts React: "Peter Moore a Huge Positive for EA ", "Step down for Moore."

Following the press release announcement that current Xbox 360 VP Peter Moore would be jumping ship from Microsoft to head up the EA Sports division came details on Moore's new salary. An SEC Form 8-K filing detailing Peter's compensation reveals that his new base salary at EA will be $550,000 not including a "discretionary target bonus" of 75% of his annual base salary, up to $412,500. In other words, he's rich but that's not all.

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TruthHurts5429d ago

i guess SO if you forget that he`s drove 2 companys into the ground.

maybe i should get that guy whos a MASS MURDER to watch my kids. LOL.

if PEOPLE think PETER MOORE being apart of your collective is a good thing. THERES REALLY NOTHING LEFT TO SAY.

Omegasyde5429d ago

.....In the end, he will be making PS3 and Wii games.(360 of coarse too)
How F****** Ironic.

Bloodmask5429d ago

that is the most assanine thing I've ever heard.

Do you really think one person is responsible for a giant corporation?

There are 1000s of people making tons of decisions that affect the outcome of big corporations every day.

You really should think before you speak.

FCOLitsjustagame5429d ago

I think this is a good thing for EA and hopefully a good thing for gamers. Maybe he can help bring back some of the excitement and hunger that the company used to have when it was putting out AAA games and not just the B rated reworks they have been putting out for the last 3 years.

This maybe bad for MS though. However the guy they put in charge was at EA at one time and EA is one of the most successful software companies and have made some great games in the past. Hopefully he can aide MS in building momentum. It helps too that he is not associated with the "hardware issues" the way Moore may have been and may be able to aid in the building of image for the new and improved hardware. I just hope this new guy doesnt suffer from some of the foot in mouth disease that seems rampant in the video game industry.

headblackman5429d ago

this could be very good for microsoft, all depending on how well they've treated peter moore. but the odd part his how sony thinks that it's an advantage to their campaign (could be) but that could usher in alot of xbox360 exclusives :) let's see what happens

Mr VideoGames5429d ago

can this be a HUGE MILESTONE for Microsoft i hope cause if we get Exclusives from EA then this could be a Good thing, let's hope...

Bloodmask5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

will be a plus for EA. He was good for Micro, an intelligent PR man.

ud5429d ago

"oh my precious peter is so smart and so handsome, i wonder if he has a wife, he smells so good, he single handedly carried microsoft, I can't stop being on his d1ck, blablablabla i'm bloodmask"

005429d ago

bloodmask has a fan.

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