Galaxy 2 rewards, list of galaxies, other Prima Game Guide goodies (spoilers)

Rewards for getting all of the stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been leaked, as well as all of the galaxies in the game and other tidbits.

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Valay3072d ago

There are a ton of galaxies in the game. That'll make for a lot of variety.

Ziriux3072d ago

Noo you spoiled everything from me.

GUCommander3072d ago

Spoilers included, but worth it. The more I read the more I want this game even though I wasn't a huge fan of the first one.

-Mezzo-3072d ago

I staying away for this, i don't want the spoilers to ruin the fun for me. =]

colonel1793072d ago

temptation!! temptation!!!! I... can't.....*closes browser*

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