Sony's Jack Tretton looking forward to working with Peter Moore as EA Sports head

MaxConsole reports:
"Ok so now it has been confirmed that former Microsoft Xbox head Peter Moore has LEFT the company to join EA Sports. It all came as a bit of a shock but Sony's Jack Tretton has wished Moore the best of luck at Electronic Arts and is looking forward to working with Moore in his new position."

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boi4113d ago

lol im finding all this all to strange...

The Swordsman4113d ago

This is all like a bad, okay, odd, dream.

LSDARBY4113d ago

ditto lol, its really weird.
Anyway Jack is only wishing him luck cus he knows how important EA Sports is to the Playstation brand.

ALI G4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

once they see each other, they will start fighting.
another £10 the tatTooed man will kick jack's [email protected]@

by the way anyone knows what peter going to do with his tattoos? do you think we will see more tattoos from him?

DrRage774113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

this is beyond bizarre. this is going to be interesting to see how two guys that were slinging mud back and forth start playing together nicely :) can xbox and sony fanboys live in harmony from this turn of events???? only time will tell! lol

( i am guessing there will be 2 posts after mine before some kind of bashing begins between fanboys in both camps lol)

jerrell4113d ago

Everyone needs to remember that this is a business and all anyone looks for is a profit in business. If Peter M. is getting paid more money, and is in a higher position, he will cooperate with both companies cause he is there to make a profit and help EA. It is a new challenge for him. It is like leaving Toyota and going to Ford. You once were competing against Ford, now you are helping them cause they offered way more money and a higher position. Now your job is to turn things around. It is just all business sense.

Komrad4113d ago

Fake Smiles All Around!! yay!!

The Swordsman4113d ago

And it all happened so fast. About three hours ago, I turned off my computer, ate, watched television and cycled, among other things. When I left, Moore was head of the gaming division of Microsoft and on not-so-good terms with Sony. When I come back on, he's left Microsoft, joined EA and is preparing to work with Tretton. This is just really, really bizarre. But I have one question to ask; what next?

boi4113d ago

well all I know is he will make EA better then it is...he will push it to the limits

great for all

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The story is too old to be commented.