Five obscene trophies and achievements we love unlocking

Everybody loves getting trophies and achievements. Some of us like to be a little naughty while doing so. These five are some of the most obscene in gaming, and they couldn't be more fun to unlock.

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thegreatest78844050d ago

Good god, that woman on the tracks just evaporates. That is one of the most gruesome kills I've seen!

Barbapapa4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

the scrotum rupturing was sick in a bad way.

cayal4049d ago

Yeah the scrotum was weird.

thegreatest78844049d ago

God, that entire game was full of disgusting injuries. I just really didn't expect a scrotum rupture to be one. That caught me offguard the first time it happened.

LtSkittles4050d ago

I love the Fallout 3 one where you reverse pick-pocket a grenade/mine.

unknown1004049d ago

the scrotum one gave me nauseas.

thegreatest78844049d ago

Yeah, that is pretty gross. I was surprised they made it so graphic. The guy could just grab his crotch and scream, but no, they had to show innards and outards and liquids and blech!

Dave13514049d ago

haha I like the red dead redemption one the best

omicron0094049d ago

ruptured scrotum one is pretty brutal

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