Does the Xbox 360 Failure Rate Make it a Bad Buy

Do you own a Xbox 360 ? If so then theres a pretty good chance that your xbox 360 has failed once..

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mrv3213261d ago

I own a 360 and I have to go with yes.

Both questions answered. sorted.

Imperator3261d ago

Yes. MS rushed and didn't care for their customers. All they wanted was to gain a lead on Sony, but look at the cost. Perhaps, had they waited a year, the 360 would have been both more reliable and more advanced.

HolyOrangeCows3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Does a faulty ANYTHING make it a bad buy? Um....DUH!

Even after they "fixed" mine, it still sounds like a jet engine. And it doesn't help that the controller's battery pack comes loose and shuts the controller off every so often.

Is it a bad buy? Heck yes.

KingME3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

"Does a faulty ANYTHING make it a bad buy? Um....DUH!"

My first PS3 had to be replaced by Sony. Should I consider that a bad buy?

Besides, let's be reasonable and stop being such fanboys. Can all of the people posting this flamebait post some numbers for 360s failure rate over the past year? Like let say since the PS3 Slim came out.

It would be interesting to see that the latest version of the 360 failure rate looks like in comparison to the PS3 slim. Not, trying to bash anything, just wondering what those numbers look like.

One other observation I have noticed, why is it whenever some good news comes out about the 360 whether it be a new game or maybe an article saying I don't know say "A RDR is running at a better rez on the 360 than the PS3" does it trigger a 360 failure rate or RROD article?

"And it doesn't help that the controller's battery pack comes loose and shuts the controller off every so often."

I have had my 360 since launch and I can say I have "NEVER" had my battery pack fall out. Here's some advice for you, stop getting pissed while playing game and throwing you sh!t across the room like a child and you pack will not come out inadvertantly.

One last thing OrangeCow...A jet engine? You either are the biggest liar on the planet or you obviously don't know what a jet engine sounds like. Which one do you think it is, I already know the answer>

LoydX-mas3261d ago

What did you have "fixed" that was supposed to make your xbox quieter? You do realize the disc spins at 12X speed, and that just loading the game onto the HDD virtually eliminates any disc spin sound.

darthv723261d ago

not quite as much of a bad buy. There is no defending that when crap breaks it sucks. The extended warranty to fix e74 and rrod is an interesting way around a problem many manufactures DONT want to deal with.

I have had my ps2 break just after 1 year and it cost me $$ to get it fixed. It was the common problem for the time of DRE. I even had the wii sound go out and it cost $70 to fix from nintendo and it was exactly 1 month to the year past the purchase date.

My samsung 42" plasma (A450 series) video died 3 days to the year of the purchase date and yet I opted to buy the 5yr extended warranty from Fry's (which I NEVER do but something made me change my mind in this case) and instead of fixing it, Fry's replaced it with a newer model (B450 series).

Manufacturers should just opt to make a standard warranty cover 3 years instead of 1 or in some cases 90 days from date of purchase. If a manufacturer really believes in their product then there is no reason they shouldnt stand behind it longer than the current warranty periods without inconveniencing the customer with fees and delays in repair/replace.

Anon19743261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

That's what really bugs me, that Microsoft lied about it for so long. If I had even the faintest glimmer of what a pain in the ass the 360 would be or how much money it would cost over the long run I wouldn't have touched the 360 with a ten foot poll.

And HOC is right. The damn thing is loud. Maybe not jet engine loud, but it's loud. When the drive is running it's about the noise level of someone having a conversation in the room the entire time you're trying to play (60db or so).

And you know what? I don't think the 360 was anything to write home about. I've always loved Halo and I really liked Gears of War but if I missed out on these two I wouldn't feel bad about it.

After the price of my 360, the extended warranty (which I'm glad I had as Microsoft yanked me around with a disk scratching console they sent me as a replacement), the wi-fi, the extra controller, 2 play and charge kits, extra charge kits when mine stopped holding a charge, extra head sets and a couple of years worth of Xbox Live I'm over $900 that I spent on a console that I haven't been able to play for months at a time because of multiple failures.

$900. On a console I'm afraid to play longer than 30 minutes at a time. Yes, I think the 360's failure rate makes it a bad buy.

Edit: I just thought I'd mention, it was a bad buy for me. For most 360 owners who had no problems they probably love it to death, but there's no denying that for millions of us the 360 was a huge pain in the ass.

huzzaahh3261d ago

I decided to get a PS3 over a 360 because of the failure rate and the great library of games. I've had my PS3 for almost 2 years now, and I don't regret choosing it over the 360. My brother did get a 360 this past Christmas though, so I'm not missing out on any 360 games.

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Darkstorn3261d ago

I certainly took the 360's failure rate into account when I was deciding between the 360 and PS3. I went with the PS3, but I'm intent on getting a 360 down the road, perhaps when the price drops and/or there is a more stable redesign (fingers crossed for a 360 Slim).

mugoldeneagle033260d ago

There are a bunch of games on 360 I want (Gears, Fable, Mass Effect, etc) but I could just never push myself to spending the money on it. Another price cut and I'll probably pick one up.

kaveti66163261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

My friend's Xbox 360 crapped out on him a couple weeks ago.

After having heard about the tragedy that is the RED RING OF DEATH, I was like, "NOOOOO!!!! Dude that really sucks, man. What are you going to do now? Are you going to buy PS3 for 350 bucks and try to forget about this horrible mess?"

I said this to him because I've been told that this is the most financially responsible decision to make after getting the RROD, according to people on the internet.

Rather surprisingly, my friend gave me this very weird look, like "WTF are you talking about dude?"

I said, "well, since you got the RROD, what more can you do? I mean, you can send it in for repairs for 2 weeks, but according to the internet this is equivalent to getting shot and it's really bad, you know?"

Again, my friend gave me this look like, "WTF is wrong with you?"

Then, as I'm sitting there on the couch, he unscrewed the cover from his 360 with a screwdriver and started gluing some part of the inner components to another part of the board.

He says to me, "Alright let's wait 30 minutes for this thing to dry." I say to him, "Man, you're delusional, man. This is the RROD, man. According to the guys on the net, this is it. It's over. All you can do now is buy a PS3, man."

For a third time, he gives me this "WTF" look. Thirty minutes later, we're playing MW2, no problems.

If there's anything I've learned from the incident, it's this. The people on the internet, and you know who you are, make such a big deal out of such a minor problem, just so they can have another bulletpoint on the lists of things they can use to trash talk a product they don't own.

Finally, for those of you who consider yourselves hardcore gamers and electronic enthusiasts, complaining about RROD is kind of like complaining about getting a flat tire. It's so laughable. My friend, who barely graduated from high school, who isn't any kind of tech aficionado, fixed the RROD on his console in ten minutes.

When I see articles like this, it makes me sigh. Again, it's like listening to someone complaining about getting a flat tire.

EDIT: And it might just be another reason to complain about Microsoft. But that falls outside of the realm of gaming, and into the realm of business practices.

People, if you say you're worried about getting RROD, just search youtube and you'll find a ton of vids that explain how to fix the problem, and no, not with a towel. The total cost of fixing the RROD to the consumer is 4 dollars.

deadreckoning6663261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Kaveti- Bubbles dude! My friend got RROD last year and he fixed it in 30-40 minutes with an instructional video from youtube.

@Below- So uve never had a console that broke? WOW...lucky u. Both my PS2 and Xbox broke years ago. I expect the same thing to happen to my PS3 in a year or so. Every console breaks at some point.

karl3261d ago

u paid for the console.. its just not suppose to break on u, DUH

raztad3261d ago

Sorry you have only one bubble Kaveti. Bubbling you up.

BTW, you make it sound like RROD is a very easy to fix problem. I dont think thats in general the case, most people are afraid of messing with electronic devices, more so when you can void your warranty.

cjflora3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Seriously, regardless of your friend being able to fix it himself, a piece of technology should NEVER have a failure rate this high. I love how everyone just accepts this low quality. It's just more reason for Microsoft to not give a damn next gen and rush it again. Good luck to you I say. I will not support poor quality, and I'm surprised so many people are willing to be herded into the corral.

Edit: I just canceled out raztad's bubble increase because you don't deserve it with nonsense like this.

RayRay363261d ago

Unreal. Your friend didnt have the RROD. He just had a diffrent type of failure. The RROD is IMPOSSIBLE to permantly fix. You dont even know what actually happens inside the console to make it fail, so logicly, you shouldnt even comment on the situation. You might be able to fix the RROD for a few hours or a few days, but there is no permanant fix. When your consoles failure rate was over 70%, I think there might a bit of a problem. A flat tire? A flat tire would be like breaking a controller, the whole console is like blowin your engine. Ignorance is bliss, so you must be one happy SOB.

waltercross3261d ago

If It's so easy to fix one must wonder why doesn't MS fix it?

HolyOrangeCows3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

"The people on the internet, and you know who you are, make such a big deal out of such a minor problem"

Anyone who calls the RROD a "minor problem" inflated by the internet is ignorant.
If the fix were that simple for everyone it would EASILY have been fixed by now.

Game13a13y3261d ago

even MS the multi-billion $$$ company cannot fix this RROD problem, but your friend can fix it in 30 minutes? *giving you the WTF look*

sikbeta3261d ago

"According to the guys on the net, this is it. It's over" = IF it's on The Internet, It Must be TRUE....


ZombieNinjaPanda3261d ago

Welcome to the internet, I will be your guide today.

ThanatosDMC3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

So you're fine with your 360 breaking down again and again? Imagine if it didnt break down at all, isnt that much better?

To compare it to a flat tire, wouldnt you be pissed off at makers of the tires? Wouldnt you stop buying their defective products?

testerg353261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Its not just the 360, but there is also the YLOD for the PS3. I have 2 PS3s that I fixed sitting in each of my kids rooms. I also have a launch 60gb sitting downstairs at the tv room.

Edit: RayRay, a fixed RROD can last a lot longer than a couple of days. I have 2 360s that have been working for months.

spandexxking3261d ago

i agreed and bubbled.
RROD is pretty bad but you get it fixed for free at least.
i had to fix my PS3's disc drive the other week, not quite the same but each consoles got its problems, though the PS3 IS less.
i just prefer the PS3's games and if you prefer the 360's games RROD shouldnt really stop you.

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CadDad3261d ago

It should at least be a serious consideration, at least it was for me. I have one now after putting it off for years, but I'm still nervous.

Anyone purchasing anything of significant cost should check into the reliability of the product. It's common sense for a consumer.

Does it make it a bad buy? I would argue that it's subjective to the person. I knew as much as any average consumer could possibly know about the history of the box prior to my purchase and I have fun with it. So if it breaks I'll have to weigh the bad with the good and determine that at the time.

It's certainly not a purchase without risk.


waltercross3261d ago

I had planned on buying a 360 since it cost less, but decided first to research what console was the better buy, came accross N4G eventually, That was all she wrote, bought the PS3 Instead, reliability always gets points in my eyes.

D4RkNIKON3261d ago

I only own PS3 and I will buy a second PS3 for another room in my home before ever buying a 360. I don't want to waste money on something that will die on me and I don't want to be forced into paying anually just to play online.

Wrathman3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

i own both.13 months after i bought my xbox it red ringed.i sent it away to get fixed (free of charge).it took 2 weeks.and during that time i bought cod4 for the ps3 and played it online.i couldnt get my xbox back quick enough.

and i couldnt be the only one that thinks like that.regardless of hardware issues,xbl still maintains and grows its current userbase.

reliability is 1 thing.but you know your xbox will probably break.but u also know that you can get it fixed for free after 1 year.not so much with sony.after that 1 year warranty,your coughing up more than the price of an xbox arcade.£130 at least.even if my xbox wasnt coverd,i know i could buy a cheap arcade and just swap harddrives.

if my ps3 died tomorrow,would i buy another? probably not.blu-ray players are cheap now.and thats just about all i use it for.

im not trollin.but if you guys cant handle my honest opinion..then thats your problem!

my xbox has broke once.that was almost 4 years ago

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Old Greg3261d ago

if the only issue here is 3RLs, and that issue has a 3yr warranty, then im confident that at the end of your 3 yrs, MS will have something new coming out, and you'll be looking forward to buying that, instead of worrying what going to happen to your 360 while its outside of that warranty.

Not to mention its pretty cheap to buy a 360 nowadays. You dont even need to buy a 360 HDD anymore, just use a USB flashdrive or ext HDD.

I dont think its a bad idea at all.

Legosz3261d ago

I first bought a 360 before a PS3 because they were cheaper, 3 years I have had it now, broken 5 times, no joke. Had it under warranty until the last time it cost $100. Sold it and bought a PS3.

The Wood3261d ago

lol...sniffs like damage control BUT you definitely should be on more than 1 bub +1

ThanatosDMC3261d ago

Well that's a "no $hit" kind of question.

Montrealien3261d ago

My Ps3 had to be repaired at a cost of 150$ dollars, did I think it was a bad buy and go tell everyone, the PS3 breaks! nope. My 360 had a RROD 2 and a half years in, it got replaced at no cost.

I agree that the 360 was rushed and it was a horrible mistake on MSs behalf, I find it cool that they manned up and actually admitted it in a way. Any electronics can be a bad buy, what matters is the service.


I believed the lies from MS, but when I saw that damn thing RROD in the new Jasper Chip, was like be stabbed in the back by MS and their lies.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

The worse technical failure in the history of video consoles.

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Hanif-8763261d ago

I've had the Halo 3 edition and a Jasper fail on me but i'm just waiting on the Slim (Please be announced @ E3) so i can start choosing from multi-platform games choosing from whichever version is superior :-)

FlipMode3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I find it hilarious that people are agreeing with kaveti's post, apparently we are supposed to fix our own consoles now instead of getting mad about it, apparently console makers dont have to care about quality since we can fix it ourselves. smh

FarEastOrient3261d ago

If Toyota had a failure rate this bad, the Safety Board of America would've ban their cars from ever coming to these shores. Does anyone remember the Yugo...

drdre743261d ago

Yes it's a bad deal. I won't even buy new 360 games anymore. I'm on my 4th 360. The one i have now it stopped reading disc for almost 4 months then one day it just started reading the one in the tray. I;m scared to take it out just in case it stops reading disc again. I wanted to get Mass effect 2 but id be pissed if it stopped reading disc as soon as i buy it.

duplissi3261d ago

yes i have a 360, and the failure rate made me wait until last year to buy one.

JokesOnYou3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

No reports, no figures, no new data, no research on current failure rate, but who needs to make interesting news backed up by reliable, current info when you're looking for hits on n4g...oooh look at the headline, listen to the cheers of n4g. lol


NewZealander3260d ago

i know a lot of people have issues with the hardware, two of my friends have had RRoD one had it twice and the other had the disc drive die just recently, he put a new one in himself, my mums console just stopped working with no error lights, and another had the purple screen of death (i think thats when the gpu or cpu dies)

i have two consoles and have never had any major issues, one had a sticky disc drive but i purposely overheated it before the warranty ran out so i could get new hardware in it, the other is fine.

at the end of the day i still enjoy my 360, probably more then my ps3, i sometimes regret buying it just because it only gets played for the exclusives but its still a fun console.

i just hope they announce the slim at e3, i would pick one up to replace the original 360, so i fully understand that far too many people have been put out by the 360 and its dodgy hardware, and even though they have gotten the numbers down its no excuse for putting out a console with so little testing, that aside its an excellent console, i just hope they get it right next time.

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Hellsvacancy3261d ago

A lot of people probaly didnt even know about the falure rate untill there 360 broke, i didnt know that YLOD was as bad as reported until MY PS3 got YLOD (twice, both fixed by me)

Corepred43261d ago

so technically you got it once. since you fixed it and not Sony i don't think that second one counts on them. I have fixed my ylod numerous times but i know that its not on Sony that it keeps doing that since I am essentially just doing a quick bandaid fix.

playstation_clan3261d ago

5-8% is good for a gaming console.

ps- I have a launch day ps3, whats this YLOD you speak of?

cjflora3261d ago

My PS3 got the YLOD the day after I bought God of War III. While if f#*@ing sucks the PS3 failure rate is nowhere near the 360's. I'm still pissed as hell about my failure, but in it's 2.5 years I'm sure I would have had several RROD's with a 360. I'm hopefully buying my new slim next week. I also wrote Sony a 3 page letter expressing my dissatisfaction.

iceman063261d ago

got his YLOD on his launch day 60GB PS3 the day after Assassins Creed II dropped. He was just as heated as you. But, the alternative was not anymore appealing. Getting a 360, with it's issues, and replacing his entire library of games was just not feasible. So, he opted for a new Slim model.

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The Wood3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

double dribble


did you fix it whilst it was plugged in after you just came out of the shower...we know you like that extreme lifestyle and that

Milamber3261d ago

What is this "Red Ring of Death" thing?

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