Wii Fit pad similar to 25-year-old Atari accessory

While the mainstream press gets ready to crown Nintendo the innovator of fresh new gaming technology, Water Cooler Games points out the Wii Fit balance pad isn't as revolutionary as some may think. Way back in 1982 (yes, the same year Michael Jackson unleashed Thriller), Persuasive Games released a balance board accessory for the Atari VCS called the Joyboard.

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ChickeyCantor5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

But this is like saying the Sixaxes ripped MS sidewinder off.
ofcourse ideas must have been there but we all know the technology is different.

If we go cry about this then we should cry about all that what we have now, since they are created out of ideas that already existed.

And lets not forget that its about 30 years doesnt mean they have taken the idea from this Joyboard.

ALI G5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

""They say it is easier to go into fantacy when you start with reality.Make things familiar, and then twist them""....

ITR5428d ago

It could be also related to the Power Pad as well.
one side for Track and Field and the other side for aerobics.

But then look at DDR mats? They look like redone Power Pads.

ItsDubC5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

While both peripherals perform a similar function, advances in technology make the WiiFit pad far more versatile. Let's not forget that the Wii brand has far more mass-appeal than the Atari VCS had. More mass-appeal means more consumer uptake, and more consumer uptake means developers will likely give the WiiFit pad some attention.

The Joyboard probably only had one game because it wasn't versatile enough to be used for different applications and/or it wasn't worth developers' time to create games for a peripheral that very few consumers owned.

unsunghero285428d ago

I agree, it's not that Nintendo invented the technology, it just vastly improved upon it.

This is similar to the Wii remote. Gyroscopes and pointing accuracy have been done before (WarioWare Twisted and Lightguns, anyone?) but not to any level near the Wii.

Don't believe me? Go to Disney Quest in Orlando and play the virtual reality sword game. Even Red Steel will seem like an improvement...

sumfood4u5428d ago

There innovation is krazy, but nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.