Peter Moore To Head Up EA Sports

Today, Electronic Arts announced the completion of its internal reorganization into four main labels, as well as its executive team which will be heading up each brand for the publisher. The restructuring move was designed to maximize the production of the company's games and help it drive growth for the four autonomous labels: Games, Casual Entertainment, The Sims and EA Sports. Frank Gibeau was announced as the President of the EA Games Label, Kathy Vrabeck will be the President of EA Casual Entertainment and Nancy Smith will be the President of The Sims. However, one of the surprises that was attached to today's announcement was that Peter Moore, the Corporate Vice President for Interactive Entertainment Business in Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division, would be leaving his position as the leader of the Xbox 360 platform to take over as the President of the EA Sports brand.

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THC CELL4163d ago

Wow i never saw this coming but now He is making games for all platforms

Bathyj4163d ago

I just woke up and I cant believe what I'm reading. What happened it the last 6 hours. Did Pete just leap from Dreamcast 2?

Delive4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

I wonder if the Xbox will see some Sweet deals coming out of this? Seeing there are past ties and all.

Vojkan4163d ago

So his last conference speech was all BS!? Ok i see...

Komrad4163d ago

But wait till you hear him as an EA sports caster!

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The story is too old to be commented.