Assassin's Creed: Jade Raymond Talks Futuristic Elements and Abilities

Fan-favorite Jade Raymond tells GameTrailers about the futuristic gameplay elements, different assassins, and Altair's amazing abilities.

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FA-SHO5428d ago

this games gonna be awsome

ad4mb5428d ago

Ye this and many others are becoming must buys.

HokieFan5428d ago

I don't understand the bad press they got after the demo at E3. Sure it had a few glitches, but I thought the gameplay looked fantastic. I'm absolutely getting this one on release day.

MK_Red5428d ago

Completely agreed. I believe the AC devs must be given credit since they could have come up with a smooth CG trailer or recorded video without bugs but they had the courage to show what they have. Spore last year wasn't in a good shape but everyone praised it and was among E'3 top 3. I cant believe they are being so stupid and harsh about Assassins.
A release date buy for me too.

Moac5428d ago

this game is made of WIN =)

MK_Red5428d ago

I hope they release a special edition or something full of features and behind the scenes. I dont care what others say and the bad buzz, this game is a GOTY candidate in my book and I cant stop loving it. Cant wait.

ShiftyLookingCow5428d ago

behind the scenes with the producer? seeing the reaction to her across the sites, it will sell like hotcakes

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The story is too old to be commented.