Gaming Extremists

We all know at least one. He's THAT GUY--the one who knows everything there is to know about gaming (or so he says) and is happy to share it with you. Doesn't matter if you want to hear it--he insists! He's the guy who is pointing out absolutely everything that is wrong with pretty much any game you buy, play, discuss, or randomly look at it. He's got all sorts of helpful (he thinks, anyway) ideas to point out to you, such as "Dude, that game sucks" and "Even my mom can play that better than you," but he has very little to say that is of any actual substance. You see, he really doesn't have anything better to do than express his self-proclaimed gaming genius. It is this lack of an actual life that classifies him as a "Gaming Extremist." Amy Nelson at GoozerNation

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BeaRye3262d ago

What is it about the Soup Nazi that is so funny? That line always cracks me up

JimmyJames703262d ago

That guy in the picture doesn't look like he plays video games...

kube003262d ago

Yea it looks like he's too angry to play games

SmokeyMcBear3262d ago

you guys don't know who the soup nazi is? ^^^^^^

geez.. kids these days.