Visceral: We Won't 'Cheapen' Dead Space

Visceral has promised it won't "cheapen" Dead Space by churning out games set within the science fiction horror universe. The developer insists it's focused on quality, despite having mapped out "plenty of games worth of stuff".

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STICKzophrenic3256d ago

""Ginormous. Massive" was how Papoutsis described the Dead Space universe.

"We've got the whole world and mythos mapped out to thousands and thousands of years. In order to create Dead Space originally, we didn't just wake up and go, 'we're gonna make this game'. We sat down and were like, 'okay, when was the first marker found? Who found it? What did they do when it happened?' We've actually mapped out quite a bit of the universe."

When I read this, it makes me think about the language that they created and used in Dead Space. If they took the time to create a language, as well as the religion (Church of Unitology). I always love when a gaming universe has so much depth and so many stories to be told.

I really hope they don't try to make this game too action oriented. The survival horror of the first one made it so awesome.

Socomer 19793256d ago

ya Hear that 2k? They wont bioshock 2 this game!