Why the Secondhand Market Is Important for New-Game Sales

Publishers insist on devaluing used games at their own peril; a strong secondary market supports a healthy primary market, and packing games with one-time-use codes for certain content erodes that relationship.

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bearsfaan4144d ago

Very well-written article. I couldn't agree more.

bbretterson4144d ago

I'm not convinced that there's a major problem with this policy. Do you think this will dissuade people from buying games at all? People who buy used still get the core game; new buyers simply get an added bonus. If the used buyers end up loving the game and want to pay for the extra content, they can. If they bought the game used for $40 and end up paying $10 for the extra content, they're still saving money.

And if the policy does in fact drive people to buy more games new, couldn't one argue that including codes in new games is important to new game sales?

Personally, I prefer this option to other measures to curb second-hand sales, like excessive DRM or increased prices.

BeaArthur4144d ago

That's my only real issue with this policy; the fact that they claim it's for "server maintenance" or whatever BS excuse they are coming up with. As it was said in the article, when the first guy trades it in and the second guy picks it up it all balances out. I wouldn't really have any issues with it if they weren't lying to us. Just tell the truth, you are charging because you are tired of getting hosed out of money on used game sales.

TheLancer4144d ago

The video game market is so huge that it shocks me that some Publishers are complaining about lost profits, and going so far as to try and discourage people from buying a game used.

Stephen King has more used books circulating around than almost any other author, and I have never heard him complain. If people are making games as an art form, then isn't the point for people to play them any way they can?

atc19824144d ago

I like buying used games sometimes