In Japan, Peter Moore is a kettle; calls the PS3 a black pot

Peter Moore seems bullish about the supposed failure of the Sony PlayStation 3 in Japan (see

In this new article, PS3 Attitude delves deeper into his recent interview with GameDaily and exposes the truth about the Xbox 360 and why Mr. Moore's figures just don't stack up.

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BenzMoney5428d ago

As I said in my PM, the reason I reported this is because it is not news according to the N4G contributors' guidlines. When you took the contributor's test it made it quite clear that links to personal blogs are not considered news and should not be submitted as such. A more appropriate place to post this would've been in the "blogs" section or in the comments portion of the article you are trying to counterpoint.

Lyberator5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

On this site anything that can start a flame war is automatically news.

Wow no offense or anything, but thats really low to submit your own blog as a news story.

DolphGB5428d ago

...our site is based on a blogging platform doesn't mean it is not a legitimate news site.

Like ThreeSpeech (who also use a blogging platform) we are not part of Sony but get to talk to Sony and developers, programme managers and directors of third and first-party development companies.

Just as the story about Peter Moore's comments is 'news', an independently written article that offers a counterpoint is as much a valid N4G story.

neogeo5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

and lay off the beer. he looks 30 years older then his age

giva a guy a bubble for that:)

the greatest5428d ago

what more can he say
Peter Moore has stuck
his foot in his own ass

tplarkin75428d ago

Peter is right to say that Sony is failing in Japan. He was likely alluding to a global victory for the 360, since Sony isn't winning anywhere. Regarding the numbers, the article quotes from VG Chartz, and we all know that VG Chartz literally fabricates numbers unscientifically.

Azures5428d ago

The point is he is really in no position to talk about failing in the Japanese market, the 360 is barely IN the market at all. If Reggie wanted to come and verbally slap some newbs up then that would be fine.

I wonder how weekly 360 sales look like in japan compared to game boy advanced

uxo225428d ago

ShiroRX - Although you make a good point, one could also argue that Japan is NOT the 360's native market as with Sony it IS its home Market.

razer5428d ago

Hey I write a blog!! I should start posting news from it here.

Just like PS3 folks should blow off Peter's comments I will be blowing off this nobodies comments. PS3Attitude LOL.. Give me a freakin break.

Both the PS3 and 360 are sucking in Japan, Wii is ruling and Nintendo in general. Does that in any way make me want to own a Wii? hell no..

scarlett_rg5428d ago

Further to that... the author of the blog is getting facts wrong, as Mr. Moore said that the Wii is outselling the PS3 6-1 in June... NOT overall.

DolphGB5428d ago

...Mr. Moore clearly said "That's probably a better question for Sony who's getting outsold by what, 6-to-1?".

It was the reporter writing the interview who clarified that the 6:1 ratio was only for June later in his story.

Peter Moore, like so many other execs before him (and not just within MS), has been stating the 6:1 figure far and wide as if it is the de-facto standard. Wii unit sales are 3:1 against the PS3 across the first 7 months since launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.