UK coalition set to approve Games Tax Relief

Critical Gamer writes: We’ve previously discussed, with the help of TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson, why the UK games industry needs a tax relief package. At last year’s London Games Conference, the Conservatives’ then – Shadow Culture Secretary Ed Vaizey dismissed the proposal of such a package, telling those gathered that they needed to think “more widely” than such an idea. Since then however, events have conspired to make its introduction seem considerably more likely.

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Cubes3073d ago

Hopefully this will keep gaming developers in the UK, as they've been struggling recently and deserve a break from the taxman.

Jockie3073d ago

There's still some quality devs in the UK, hopefuly with this we'll stop forcing them abroad.

scruffy_bear3073d ago

Yeah we need to keep them here

Jim Crikey3073d ago

I don't usually approve of tax breaks, but this one needs to happen.