ModNation Racers:First Patch Shortens The Loading Time

Some information of the upcoming Patch that will help reduce loading times for ModNation Racers. There is also some information regarding the demo coming soon. Tracks created in the demo will be able to be transfered into full version!

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garos824885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

but one thing i dont understand is how fast they managed to fix this. i mean couldnt they have refined and fixed this during the beta stage?

anyways looking forward to the demo and see what all the fuss is about :)

@harry kid: long time ago? this game not even out yet!!!

Redempteur4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

Well i tried the demo yesterday and it's shorter than in the beta for me .

as for the load times maybe they focused on bugs and features first and then got help from other studios

hay4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )


1. Patching takes time. They could work on it since beta and they could be confident enough to released it now. Also, they could have other priorities. Making games isn't bread and butter.
2. I have it for almost a week now. Great game.


Id played the Demo (is not patched), and I must say, the loading times is not even so long.

Is good to know will reduce the loading times, but for me is not a problem.

sikbeta4885d ago

Lol and People were complaining, If Sony could cut the loading times of Dantenetta, aka the crappy port, They could wonders with this Game


Legosz4885d ago

Too bad reviewers don't take patches into consideration when grading games or this would get a 10/10 :)

PS3Freak4885d ago

I regret to inform everyone, but i already have the game(benifits of working at a video store). The loading times are really bad. I don't know how bad it was before though because i never played the beta, but it's really bad now.

Regardless, the parts of the game i was able to play(without active online servers) were very fun.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )


What is the time when you load a circuit?

In the demo takes around 50 seconds to load the circuit (the only available for the demo). ¿What is the difference with the full version?

PS3Freak4885d ago

I didn't time it, but it'd say 50 seconds to a minute sounds about right.
Disagree with me all you want people, because u think i am bashing the game, but i am not.

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BannedForNineYears4885d ago

I thought this patch came out a long time ago. -_-

SuperStrokey11234885d ago

The games not even out yet so maybe you should think this through first.

captain-obvious4885d ago

he is right

and yes i got the game

Socomer 19794885d ago

i was thinking about getting modnation racers in about 6 weeks but im still very much enjoying motorstorm pacific rift and wipeout HD.

I hope modnation does well for itself as i may have to miss out.

MajestieBeast4885d ago

You cant have it all i passed on Alan Wake so i could buy RDR,modnation and 3d dot.

ClownBelt4885d ago

It could have been delayed for a month to fix the loading problems you know..

BurninDragon084885d ago

You are right. All these people are disagreeing are oblivious about it. The disks are already made and the game is made to load slowly. So when the game comes out they will release a patch so the loading times will be less. HOW ELSE COULD THEY FIX IT? DISKS ARE ALREADY MADE SO THEY CAN'T FIX THE ISSUE WITHOUT A PATCH. COME ON PEOPLE.

DaRazorback4885d ago

They are great to be shortened, but when will they release this update?