Red Dead Redemption on 360 Optimized for a Data Install

Between the two console versions of Red Dead Redemption, the Xbox 360 has superior visuals. However, gamers will still encounter occasional graphical glitches.

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ShadyDevil3261d ago

Well hopefully it helps the glitches im hearing about.

MightyMark4273261d ago

no wonder why the ps3 have a mandatory install

GAM3R7l3261d ago

...that has nothing to do with this. Reading comprehension fail. :(

van-essa3261d ago

I'm guessing you've never had an X360.

AliTheBrit193261d ago

That is fairly high

I have around 25 Games installed (thank god for the 250GB HDD Lol) and the average is around 4-5GB.

But with bigger games like GTA, Fallout, RDR Etc. it is expected.

Legosz3261d ago

My other guess is that he has a 20gb harddrive -.-

Double Toasted3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I'm not sure, but I think all games have to have that option now. The only game I know of that can't have its data installed to the hdd is the first Crackdown...

Retrofly, yeah, but its optional. 15 minute optional though...

maxcer3261d ago

i think crackdown has been patched to allow installs

tatotiburon3261d ago

good thing xbox 360 HD installs are OPTIONAL

militant073261d ago

but i always prefer to install my games to HDD because its speed up the loading and give better overall performance and no big deal to wait 10miunts for every install.

n my HDD is big enough to fit many games.

mrv3213261d ago

If you don't mind re bying your disks they are OPTIONAL.

Hard drive space is free, new disks are not.

Even a 500GB

A 500GB 2.5 inch sata is £80... yeah £80 which is the cost of 2 games, not bad really....

GameOn3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I don't bother installing and I have never, EVER needed to buy a new disk due to scratching or wear.

Jes7r3261d ago

They aren't optional if you're like me. I ALWAYS install games to my 360 HDD just because the damn disc drive is so freaking loud. Personally, I'd rather wait through the install time than have to listen through that annoying drive spin anytime I play a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.