IncGamers: Medal of Honor Preview

IncGamers' Andy Alderson on the upcoming MoH reboot.

From the preview:

"The player takes control of Specialist Dante Adams and is tasked with providing covering fire for his squad in outdoor sections, while using his trusty shotgun to clear the numerous huts that stand between the Rangers and the machine gun nest. As they advance forward, Goodrich chooses not to narrate over the gameplay demonstration in a wise move which allows us to feel the full effect of Medal of Honor. And it's some effect."

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Maticus3075d ago

Oh my god, this sounds so good. Want it already.

DA_SHREDDER3075d ago

"Intriguingly, he also lets slip that there was one member of the team who was omitted for the purposes of the demo. “He'll be coming soon and we'll be talking about him quite a bit in the future,” we're told. "

Let me guess, is it Sev?

Fyzzu3075d ago

Sounds like it's all coming together nicely. Looking forward to this.

tdogchristy903075d ago

I've been tempted to by BFBC2 but I hear like mw2 it kind of had a fall from grace with glitches/lagg......I just hope MOH doesn't have the same issues. I just worry that two shooters back to back have had issues so I worry if this is going to become the norm. :(

Djorgo3075d ago

Answer phone message.. lol.