Killzone 2 Vs. Gears of War

Here are some images comparing Killzone 2 to Gears of War.

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original seed4111d ago

I give the edge to Gears due to the texture of the enviorments and models plus it also looks alot sharper. Now im sure killzone still has room for improvemens since it wont be due out until 2008. However, that being said Gears is also almost 1 year old and running on an "inferior" machine as Sony Fanboys say.

So i guess since PS3 is so "Superior" the question is, Why does Gears look better?

Lord Anubis4111d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

because it focuses on the graphics while killzone throws you everything with more character and unique textures for the surroundings. Not a few enemies on screen.

@above, take a very look at the trailer from the moment the character lands you'll find more than 5 character.

sjappie4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Every gameplay trailer of KZ2 that has been shown, has no more than 3 enemies on screen at a time, you can check yourselves. So if that's bad for Gears, it's bad for KZ2 to.
It's obvious it still has a way to go to outperform Gears in terms of detail and sharpness.
The KZ2 2005 trailer was pretty bright and you could see the environment. Now with the E3 trailer they start of with the flying transport to mimic the trailer, only now it's pitchblack and you can't see sh*t of the environments. Why in the hell would they show this dark gameplay trailer if they could show some nice brighter and more detailed environment. Cause they can't. The darkness is there to cover up the lack of textures and whatnot. A lot off people seem to buy it. Not me.

sticky doja4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

What video or screenshots are you looking at when refering to all of these characters? Can you send me a link because I have yet to see them myself.

ALI G4111d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

chainsaw Kill-shown 1 .
now let guess what shony sandboys will say:PRE PRE PRE ALPHA

yes, also by the time Kill-shown comes out Gears wil be around 2 years old built with older technology coast only $9M not $20M and still do not forget how bad kill-shown was in the end of that level at E3, most of there time will go to polish that type of crap.

after all your BS3 is not as powefull as shony wanted us all to believe,oh..oh.. i just remember:the crap shony said about 1 level take 2gb of data.i think shony need new code makers and designers..hell they need to stop making BS3(BULLSH1T3),or if you want to call it PS3(PU5SYSTATION3), and start releasing games for WII , since they are good at making CG

EDIT:@anyprick who says gears do not have many charcter at once in chapter 1/leve2,3.../you have 3 alies highly detailed with at least 4 enemies also highly detialed,total 8 with fcuking stuning environment not a plane one

In the end of the day just remember Gears of War is old news in the 360,Which has much better games coming sooooooooooooon not 2008

eLiNeS4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

There are some areas of the game of GOW that are pretty big with lots of enemies on the screen. I would have to boot it up and see how many to be exact but theirs the three guys you roll with and one of them could be a friend in co-op, then you have the enemies, I am talking in one area where there could be 6 to 8 enemies maybe more in a large court yard setting. So right there you have 9 to 11 bodes on screen. I am not knocking Killzone, I am sure it's going to be great but please, quite with the amount of enemies on screen bit.

Why disagree? Killzone not going to be great? Whatever, at this point of time, GOW wins hands down!!!

dantesparda4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Hm, the 2nd and 4th GOW pictures arent even in-game pictures, where did they get those shots from? GOW is old news now, and the PC version already looks alot better than the 360 version. As for Killzone, while the game does look pretty good, i am not that impressed by certain textures in it. Will wait til its out and i actually see it, before i pass judgment, but these kinds of comparisons really are just bullsh!t, as they can be easily manipulated.

Somebody please put together one of these, where GOW is being compared to Kameo, and i bet you Kameo will look better on many instances than GOW. These comparisons are bullsh!t

And to "Lowtax"
You wrote:
"You fanboy's are making video game's into tools of common bickering and debates more than an entertainment value.

God forbid if someone can admit they might actually enjoy BOTH they're treated as though something is wrong with them. All of you sony AND microsoft truckerstop tricks can piss off, stupid crap like this only divides the industry apart."

You go boy, amen to that brother. One of the true-est statements on this site

risk4110d ago

right in the beggining of hte trailer, theres enemies shooting at u and u have like 6 allies(more?) infront of you. watch it.

Also Known As4110d ago

"gears still better?" <~~~remember that? The answer to that quote is a resounding YES!!!!! . "I TOLD YOU SO" Now here is another quote: "sony devotees have just realized that they payed $600 for an inferior platform"

nasim4110d ago

arent u even ashamed of posting trash.
Gears has jaggies and extremely poor textures.

KZ2 looks so realistic even at pre -alpaha.

mend ur wayy BOTS

Heepspo4109d ago

just wait a while. Once again, xbots like to forget that their system has been out much longer. Gears looks REALLY good but with the PS3 power and it's games on bluray, it WILL eventually have noticeably better looking games... FACT.

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gta_cb4111d ago

i had to press agree lol

Kratosnake4111d ago

The KZ2 screenshots look like they're taken from a video render of the gameplay rather than a straight feed screenshot. You can tell if you look closely, the blurriness of the image is not in-game, it looks like codec.

something worth looking into.

SmokeyMcBear4111d ago

well whadaya know, everything is uber shiny on gears, pretty typical of 360 games

Lex Luthor4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

well whaddya know? sh!tty colour palette on killzone2, pretty typical of ps3 games.

gta_cb4111d ago

can i join in? or is this a 1 on 1?...

tplarkin74111d ago

It doesn't compare to Gears. Where are the normal maps (or parallax maps)in KZ2? You can see minute details in Gears, but KZ2 lacks detail.

Kratosnake4111d ago

The colors are muted for a reason. The art style of KZ2 is desaturated and gritty. I always thought Gears needed that aswell. It's just way too saturated/colorful for the kind of game it is.

xbox360migs4110d ago

Gears on the mansion level in multiplayer always astounds me when I have not played for over a week( actually any of it does through my HDTV),I have been playing this game for a year now and still am in awe over it's great visuals and of course gameplay, Epic did a great job! Killzone looks good too but Gears at the moment has the upper hand in detail, when you get close to textures in GOW they still look good, I can't see that in Killzone yet.....but things may change for the finished game, who knows, I guess we shall have to wait.

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ASSASSYN 36o4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Oh! when it's halo 3 vs killzone everyone loves it but when a comparison of the beast that is Gears of War vs kiddiezone no one wants to see it happen.

And whats amazing about gears most if not all the shots are multi-player screens. Yes!! It looks that good even in multi-player.

Figboy4110d ago

is that when it's Halo 3 vs Gears of War, it's all

"well, they have different art styles!"

"Halo 3 is in Beta! Single player will look much better than Gears!"

the truth of the matter, is that Killzone 2 is a first person shooter, with a somber, grey visual aesthetic that suits what the developers are attempting to convey perfectly, while Gears of War is more in the vein of movies like Commando and Predator, where you blow the sh*t out of alien scum with a team of badass and ragtag soldiers by your side.

both art styles work perfectly with what they are attempting to do.

Killzone 2 is going for realistic sci fi war, and Gears of War is going for big, stylizied summer blockbuster sci fi.

it's Saving Private Ryan vs Transformers here (both are excellent films, but completely different in their tone, style, and execution).

these comparrisons, while interesting to see, ultimately lead to nothing.

what i, personally, don't understand, is that Halo 3 hits *TWO years after the 360 launched, and Gears of War hit *ONE year after the 360 launched, and Gears blows Halo 3 away. why?

if you really want to compare Gears to anything on the PS3, compare it to Unreal Tournament 3. which uses the same engine, has a very, *VERY similar art style, and, incedentally, looks fantastic on the PS3.

comparing two, or even *THREE titles that are vastly different from one another makes no sense at all.

while we're at it, lets compare MGS3 with Shadow of the Colossus. and God of War with Bioshock.

yeah, lets compare Super Mario Galaxy with Fable 2.

makes perfect sense, right? right? hello? is this thing on?

this topic is ridiculous.

ASSASSYN 36o4110d ago

Hey fig as I read your reply everything was nice contradicted yourself big time.