Red Dead gets title update

M2G Writes:

The Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption has received a new title update today in order to fix a minor issue with the game.

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Pennywise3100d ago

PS3 update? The servers were not behaving last night. Private rooms worked(kinda) but public rooms when joining with a posse was a mess.

sixaxis3100d ago

so true dude, they should patch online and then fix a bit of those visual hiccups.
theres so many gamers who complain over ps forums that game has lag and invisible npc, horses etc

BeaArthur3100d ago

I was having the invisibility issues but other than that the game seemed to be pretty smooth. They need to update it though, it was pretty annoying, especially when you consider how awesome free roam is.

DelbertGrady3100d ago

The PS3 patch will probably be out any minute.

Good to see them dealing with the bugs so quickly. I'm getting mine on friday and I hope most of it's ironed out by then.

sixaxis3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

im also getting it on friday. hahah you have even less bubbles than i do. logically thinking there shouldnt be any problems to improve ps3s visuals by releasing a patch

AliTheBrit193100d ago

Yep me too Friday, I'm glad these things are sorted before I get it

Hey Soda, why the 1 Bubble? I've seen your posts before, can't even remember them being trollish.

VileAndVicious3100d ago

Yeah dude I tried several other games last night after you left they all had the same invisible characters, or guns.

AND I found out that when your guns are invisible you can still shoot, however you cant use any thrown weapons like fire bottles, or throwing knives...and you know how much I love my throwing knives. This need be be fixed asap!!! Ill stick to SP until it is.

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XactGamer3100d ago

It's nice to see developers fix these things early one instead of waiting 6 months.

pimpmaster3100d ago

the dissapearing characters and disconnects are still a problem after the patch.

PimpHandHappy3100d ago

not like i care... ive been hunting for 2 hours and playing poker for 2 more

i wont even look at the online portion of this game for a month easy... thats just me tho... not saying i dont care... just saying 4ME i play story mode 1st and this one is HUGE

himdeel3100d ago

...checking out at least the free roam preferably the private rooms. This way you can play with friends and get xp to get the cool stuff.

This game for me personifies the amount of things that you should be able to do and I expect to be able to do in a sand box game. This game has raised the bar for sand box games.

So far I haven't hit the invisible wall or barrier so it really does feel like you can go anywhere. There's so much to do in free roam with the same little objectives like, "kill five coyotes" in the MP that I played free roam for 6 hours last night and SP game for only 1 hour.

Was so pleased when I finally got a better horse :)

bakagaijin783100d ago

I too play the SP game first and then move onto MP if I'm still interested in it. But the info you have provided has me reconsidering with this one. I will have to try it out tonight.

Thanks for the info. :)

SPARTANVI3100d ago

You mean you didn't like El Senor? But he's such a charming donkey... :D

foss33100d ago

I agree with your comments although I didn't get to try multiplayer too much because my horse was invisible. I did however "free roam" in single player hunting and picking flowers. I don't know why I kept stopping to pick flowers because I think it's lame but I figured there must be something where I have to pick 100 of them.

himdeel3100d ago

...but keeping up with my brother who played free roam with me was a pain until I got the next horse upgrade :)

RPcinemas3100d ago

Watch this video...theres already some bugs cropping up everywhere with the character disappearing !

ASSASSYN 36o3100d ago

I saw that last night. A friend of mine was completely gone.

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