Assassins Creed 2 Lost Money ($54.02 Million) aka DRM is the Devil

No s***. What do you get when you mix a medicore game with tons of DRM crap. A loss. Now watch them blame all the dirty pirates out there for this one, lol, fools. Here is the story from Gamasutra :French Splinter Cell publisher Ubisoft recorded a decrease in sales and a loss for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010, blaming worldwide economic downturn.

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LastDance5121d ago

......English FTW? It's not hard to write correctly. The title doesn't even manage to make sense.

tplarkin75120d ago

9 million units of AC2 sold. DRM did not damper sales at all.

StanLee5120d ago (Edited 5120d ago )

I wonder how Assassin's Creed 2 could have lost money when the game sold 9 million units. Moreover, how is a game with a 90 metascore a "mediocre" game. Am I missing something?!

Edit: The writer is an idiot; Ubisoft collectively lost 54.2 million not Assassin's Creed. Who approved this?!

siyrobbo5120d ago

i thought assassnins creed 2 was one of the best games last year, improved in nearly every way over the original

thematrix12985120d ago

The author is smoking some nice shyt!

darkmurder5120d ago

This article sucks ... like Ubisoft's DRM

Sm0k3y_Bac0n5120d ago

Who approved this? N4G users are getting stupider by the day. This guy should consider a career in childrens fiction.

dirthurts5120d ago

Using "stupider" when insulting intelligence.
I chuckled a bit.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n5119d ago (Edited 5119d ago )

Stupider is a word.
Thus my point is proved.

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PimpHandHappy5120d ago

i wont click this site so im just going off the title

i thought this game sold 9 million?!?!? Are they saying it lost 54 million?!?!?

WTF is this

Xof5120d ago

Even the premise is absurd.

PimpHandHappy5120d ago

yea i can see that with all the hacks BUT IT STILL SOLD 9 million copies!
i cant see how they lost money even with PC gamers buying this game... btw im guessing this game sold well under a million on PC

kneon5120d ago

The article is stupid. The company as a whole lost $54million. I'm quite sure AC2 made a ton of money, it was one of the top selling games of the year. If you can't make money selling 9 million copies of a game then you had better pack up and go home now.

They probably lost money on all those Wii titles, it's hard to compete with Nintendo on the Wii. I expect we'll be seeing the Rabbids on PS3 and Xbox soon, they can probably sell better there.

peowpeow5120d ago

I wonder how you lose $54M doing an average port, and distributing online.

Maybe they spent $54M on DRM?

mastiffchild5120d ago

Yeah, the company as a whole had a deficit of that amount if I try to make sense of that scrawl-a single game losing that much even across all platforms is an impossibility when it's sold(which means actually paid for!)9million units! Unless, of course, he thinks that DRM actually STEALS money from Ubisoft?!!

Funniest thing is nobody mentioned DRM or piracy except the dude from AG! Ubi weren't doing a very good job of blaming piracy there, were they? Also, he accuses them of being out of touch with gamers(which may well be the case as no one is saying their DRM either worked that well or didn't pi55 off a lot of legit customers) but how out of touch is he if he thinks a global downturn can't have any effect on what people spend on what are, ultimately, a luxury purchase?

Hell, I'm EXACTLY the kind of person who doesn't like our industry trying to have it's cake and eat it at our expense and would agree that issues the industry has with both piracy and used game sales is way, way overstated. Other industries cope just fine without crying anything like as much when people decide they either want to try before buying OR don't feel a product is good enough for them to live with FOREVER! Sadly, though, if this is the standard of person(and writing)sticking up for PC gamers everywhere I think we could be in trouble-and it won't help the way other people view us al either!

Charmers5120d ago

The PC version did not lose them $54m you are just going by the headline. It clearly says :-

"The company on Tuesday recorded a 17.7 percent drop in annual sales to €871 million ($1.08 billion), and posted a loss of €43.7 million ($54.02 million).

So they made an operating loss of $54.02 million this cannot be attributed to just "the PC". Although you have to wonder if Ubisoft hadn't acted in such a crappy way to the PC maybe their titles might have sold better and turned that loss into a decent profit.

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mittwaffen5120d ago

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fourtwenty20095120d ago

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mittwaffen5120d ago (Edited 5120d ago )

Nice one.

Not that what you said isnt overused by yeast infected twats like you.