Gran Turismo 5: Impressive Enzo Ferrari Footage leaked

A new video shows impressive Enzo Ferrari gameplay footage of Gran Turismo 5.

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toaster3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

"Man I can't wait"

Is that the default response to every GT5 article on N4G..

Oh my.. the driver sucks.. why can't anybody go around a corner? The dood was trying to frikkin drift through it or something.

lol Wow each corner all you hear is *SCREEEECH*. FYI that's not the way it's done.. you brake before the corner and speed out of it.
At around 3:14 - driver shows you how to NOT take a corner.
Fail driver is fail.

Also I am not very familiar with the Dualshock 3 so I'm wondering if the bottom bumpers are pressure sensitive. It seems like the guy could be pulling the trigger too hard and the wheels were spinning out.

thor3077d ago

I hate to say it, but this is the standard of your "average" player of GT. We all know most of us will be spinning round the track the first time we play.

This makes it all the more jarring to see those AI players taking perfect racing lines. This is my MAJOR gripe with GT and it seems that they are doing nothing to stop it. Put the player in a car that's faster than everyone else, then have the AI opponents drive around the track perfectly but slowly.

That's not how racing works! I want it to be exciting! GIVE the AI players fast cars, and get them to make mistakes! Even at a professional level the drivers make mistakes now and again, but in GT they just exemplify their robotic status.

In ANY game, the best AI is the one that most closely replicates a human player. NOT the one who can drive the best racing line, or shoot the most accurately. It's relatively easy to make AI that can do that. The best AI is the AI that makes mistakes, tries to correct them, overcompensates, loses concentration, takes risks, avoids other risks. GT5's AI has shown none of that so far.

GVON3077d ago

No,thats called driving a supercar with no assists.maybe you played other games were that's not a problem,but if you completely shutdown a Enzo's assists you'd barely keep it on the road.

He's a decent driver though,

Just the Enzo shouldn't be driven without TC

thor3077d ago

That furthers my point then in that case. The AI drivers effectively always have assists. If a good driver looks this bad against the AI, there's something seriously wrong with the AI. Even the guy himself in the video description on youtube...
...says that the AI didn't amaze him at all. In fact the only thing they've added is names for the AI players. It seems that they don't know what good AI even is. I mean seriously? Naming your AI takes precident over giving them the ability to make mistakes?

facelike3077d ago

The bottom bumpers are pressure sensitive and you are right, he's hitting the accelerator too hard and braking at the wrong time. But we're all like that with new racers, sorta like a new car, got to learn it before you crazy in it.

Thing about GT is they always default the X button as the accelerator and you have to change it to the bumpers. That's the first thing anyone should do before you race in GT and it will make controlling your speed an act of letting go of the accelerator as well as hitting the brake if needed.

YoungKingDoran3077d ago

@ thor.
chaos is the best AI. by that i mean, unpredictability.

delpiero893077d ago

i want to tell you something , i enjoy the hell out of the Mitsu`s Lancers they put on GT Games .. why ? coz it is my real life car and i know every thing about it .. i bet i can beat you with "a Lancer Vs Super-car race" .

The Wood3077d ago

im not sure if ive ever seen a car spin off in GT unless ive given them a nudge. Lets see how it goes when it gets released. One thing id say to counter that is that nobody who hasnt driven such a powerful car would be allowed near an official race so what the guy in the footage was doing would be almost impossible to see in real life.. Crashes on the other hand is something that should be in GT5 as drivers do that all the time

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dangert123077d ago

i thought they wearnt having ferri's in this game :s
still im going 2 wait for the gt5 ps3 bundle ^_^ 1st tym ive been excited oveer somthing i ain't got yet lol

k jules3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I think you're confused with Porsche, those cars won't make it into the game.

Bereaver3077d ago

But, RUF is in the game. And RUF's are pretty much just suped up porsche's.

ExgamerLegends23077d ago

did you mean to post that on the top 30 psn titles article?

talltony3077d ago

This is the best looking racing game I have ever seen. That is like Photo realistic.

MNicholas3077d ago

But the game looks incredible as always.

The only real flaw is the occasional flickering of the shadows.

I'd love to know how the hell they're rendering so much detail with such accurate lighting reproduction at such a high resolution on the equivalent of a Nvidia 7900GT.

It's simply ridiculous.

jwatt3077d ago

Impressive... That guy sucks!

FragMnTagM3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

that when he first started, he didn't even shift? Even if he has no assists on, he still sucks hard at driving. Man that was painful to watch. I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

On a side note, does this game have a release date yet?

PSNTomaz3077d ago

You noticed that but didn't knowticed he quit the game and changed the settings to automatic trans, but the tires were on sport 2 and the assists were off ! Did any of y'all bother to read what dude said why he was drivin crazy?

no racing tires
No assist
In cockpit view with no sound because the sound were recording by jack to jack so he couldn't hear the revs and tire squeels to warn him if his wheels are spinnin.
And he said the steering wheel was broken.

PS360PCROCKS3077d ago

Yes. Maybe he sat down to play the game and it was set to manual. He started and than realized it and changed it to automatic. I think it was more a mistake than anything.

EvilBlackCat3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

simulator or arcade?

Why is that every time i see a GT5 video NOBODY KNOWS how to drive?

Heisenberg3077d ago

But that video was fückin amazing. I'm so pumped for GT5, it's just as close to perfection as currently possible. But for the love of god, release the beast already! I suppose I can't complain too much though when a developer is actually using their long development cycle wisely. This may be the most refined game to date.

sigfredod3077d ago

i'm sure you haven't play gt5 prologue or any other gt game because in all of them i have found AI cars outside of the tracks, some of the making big clouds of dust when can't take a corner right, and about your other lame critic you never play a race with limited sp points where all the cars are leveled so quit trolling and play a gt game first

iPad3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Gran Turismo 5- The Jesus of the Gaming World

EDIT: Dear Driver, this is Gran Turismo not Need 4 Speed.

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Trey_4_life3077d ago

Game looks epic, can't wait to play this on my 1080p bravia.

hennessey863077d ago

but its a shame it doesnt sound epic sounds nothing like and enzo and the tyre sounds are still woeful but yes it does look stunning

jjohan353077d ago

Love how you can judge the accuracy of the sound based on a flash video...

Letros3077d ago

For once I'd like to see someone that isn't a complete noob at driving in a GT5 video, looks pretty nice though, my G27 is getting dusty...hopefully we get a release date at E3.

MajestieBeast3077d ago

Man furismo jive coming this year for sure i mean why else would sony tease it on the modnation spotlight.

meetajhu3077d ago

Intro of the video jaw dropped. BTW worst driver ever with Ferrari

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