Red Dead Redemption - 360 & PS3 comparison screens

Red Dead Redemption comparison screens from MazingerDUDE.

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I find it interesting that people are reporting that their version of Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 3 looks nothing like the pictures. I'll find out this Friday, but I have a feeling that I'll be joining them.

MGRogue20173985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Watch the 720p Gameplay video of the PS3 version.. Looks alot like the Xbox 360 version to me.. Maybe even better in some ways

tigerstyle3984d ago

nah i think they messed up. wonder if this was R*'s sub studio who ported this... ehh

LeonSKennedy4Life3985d ago

I'm with them. Mine looks way better than this. Lol.

FACTUAL evidence3984d ago

I swear to goodness...if i bought this on the ps3 i would be satisfied but pissed.....Gamers, seriously...don't let this slide. As long as you do developers won't give two sh!7s. They'll always say, "Well they're gunna buy it anyways..."

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The 360 version is much crisper and clearer. But the weird thing is that I think the PS3 version looks better BECAUSE its blurrier. Looks less jaggy in those shots.

I'm still waiting on my 360 version to get shipped, so I have yet to see either version in person.

SullyDrake3984d ago

My PS3 version looks better than the screenshots show.

Tapewurm3984d ago

I am playing on a Sony Bravia through HDMI and this game doesn't look anything like the screens in the comparison. The game looks a lot better than what they are showing here. As for the 360 version, I couldn't tell you because I haven't seen it, but what I can say for sure with the utmost certainty is that these PS3 version screens have either been doctored or taken from a crappy tv with standard hookups....definitely not what I am seeing when I play it.

JsonHenry3984d ago

I bought the PS3 version and I can tell you that the game DOES look like these screenshots. Anyone telling you otherwise is telling an outright lie.

Ghoul3984d ago


i bought it for the ps3 aswell, and im a little pissed seeing the 360 looking alot better in terms of overall quality sharpness and image resolution

Imperator3984d ago won't be able to notice the difference when in motion. IMO, it doesn't really matter. Game is still great.

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I know that just because im a PS3 fanboy the 360 fanboys are gonna claim that im just being ignorant but I really don't see that big of difference...

Croaker3984d ago

Jesus Christ on a stick.

I'm gone for a couple of days (playing Red Dead with every free minute that I've got) and N4G turns into a complete war zone. F*** me!

There are several articles covering this crap and it really doesn't matter. I was able to do a side by side comparison. Yes, the 360 version does look better imo. However both versions look and run fine.

Just go and play the damn game, people.

UnwanteDreamz3984d ago

All this has proved is that those pointing fingers saying Sony fanboys are whats wrong with N4G are only half right. Bunch a fankids jumping up and down over what? Meanwhile in the real world none of this pathetic BS matters.

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ive seen better comparisons. you should look elswhere.