Playstation Premiere 2007: MGS4 Gameplay Finally Seen, New Products in Japan

And here's what everyone's been waiting for. Hideo Kojima demonstrated the gameplay segment of Metal Gear Solid 4 on actual PS3 hardware for the first time. Kojima showed Snake using his camo suit to disguise himself as a bronze statue, hide in barrels and trash cans. He also showed Snake knocking down enemies rolling the barrel while he is still inside it. After feeling some discomfort, Snake "revives" as he is given a female idol magazine. The producer also revealed that an online multiplayer mode will be in the game and more details will be announced at the 20th Anniversary Party next week.

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jromao5205d ago (Edited 5205d ago )

We should get next week a DEMO on store, it's fare if we can "join" that 20th anniversary party too. Let's hope they release it, or in the worst case, a in-game trailer of that on stage play.

PSN Starfleets5205d ago

Where the hell did you hear that from

Violater5205d ago

There was no downloadable demo announced, it will be an on stage Demonstration, which Kojima had already said at E3.

lesbiansonyfan-girl5205d ago (Edited 5205d ago )

Awww, MGS tries sooo hard to be as good as the splinter cell games. Too bad they are out of chances. Sucks PS3 people won't get to play the best games in this genre, splinter cell conviction is 360 exclusive!!

Lifendz5205d ago

LBP, Heavenly Sword, Lair, and now MGS4. Can't wait.

San anto5205d ago

Suck my balls beetch splinter cell is nothing compared to MGS4.
MGS4 kicks splinter cells ass in every possible way

EZCheez5205d ago

1.3 Meet sonyfan...I mean lesbian sonyfan-girl. How many accounts do you have? Are you TheMart?

Good to see you finally got rid of all that info on your new bio.

sadiq5205d ago

what are u talking about, metal gear solid came b4 splinter cell so wasnt it exactly the other way around? also metal gear solid has its own touch, maybe its bcuz it has more action or shoot or watever, i like it more ;)

The Wood5205d ago

maybe its that time of the month

Huddymonster5205d ago

If you are a lesbian than why do you suck so much Microsoft D$ck

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xg-ei8ht5205d ago

Christ if a demo is released, i'm thinking thats another 6million ps3's sold.

Marceles5205d ago

lol...i really wonder about that myself

[email protected]5205d ago

Demo... ME LIKE IT ME WANT IT NOW!. But for now... give me a video from the Playstation Premiere :'o(.

Ebay3rd5205d ago

Haven't played any of the MGS's, but I will definately be playing this one...Also can we get more than just FPS's, Action Adventure games are really fun too...

okcomputer5205d ago

Do yourself a favor and go pick up mgs3. Its hand down one of the best games ever made.



When I first saw this post I was Clapping, in anticipation.
What will they say? How did it play? How does it look? All of these questions will most likely have the answer GREAT.

But I wanted to know in depth, you know ?

And then I read the article.......

.... and its just one BIG TEASE ....

Sure they described it, BUT I NEED MORE.

dammit *realizes* (i'm just a crazy mgs4 gaming nut)

Oh well, just have to wait for some more articles to come out,

let me head over to ign, see if they got anything


EZCheez5205d ago

I'm sure someone made some home videos of this, and i'm sure there will be links for it on this site. I know I will be looking. I am dying to see this game in action. Hopefully this wasn't one of those "closed doors" events. I hate hearing about those. They have to be the worst tease.

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