Disgaea 3 Announced Exclusively for PS3 - First Screens

Nippon Ichi, Japanese developer of the Disgaea RPG series, have today announced that number three is on the way, Disgaea 3 set for release exclusively on the PlayStation 3 console. No other details have been released yet.

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fenderputty5212d ago

There's been a lot of exclusives coming to the PS3 today. It's cool that most of them are Japanese style games too. Sony really needs to pick it up over there.

TriggerHappy5212d ago

Today is the playstation Event, Sony is gaining massive third party support for the PS3 in Japan.

BaMYouRDeaD5212d ago (Edited 5212d ago )

I hope most of these exclusives being announced today don't come out until 2008. I'm gonna go bankrupt this holiday season as it is with all the 360 and PS3 games coming out. I don't need any more this year. lol.

EDIT: Thanks for the bubble! Bubble for you too. (:

[email protected]5212d ago

Agree... My girlfriend it gonna HIT ME on the head if i spend more that $500 on video games this holiday or the whole year. Reserve some games for next year Sony by the love of God!.

Ohhh... and a bubble 4 u incoming lol.

CrazzyMan5212d ago (Edited 5212d ago )

and of`course bubble for everyone! =)
Sony positive guys United! =))

[email protected]5212d ago

United it, stick together to the end!. Bubble 4 ya'

Solbadguy5212d ago

This is a game where the gameplay speaks louder than the graphics, a lot louder.

Juevani5212d ago

I got my PS3 this march and I already got 8 games, R:FOM,Vegas,Sigma,MotorStorm,F .E.A.R,FightNight,Marvel,ICON, this week I'll get Darkness and Oblivian, Im goin bankrapt by the end of the year *hahaha* and lets not forget the PSN games that I bought for the PSP, sh1t Im a PS3 nerd now, I've never been like that before, but this gen Im goin crazy, especialy after the PS3 exclusives, they're all hot and a must buy.. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeelp someone, my life is gone.. hahaha

Odion5212d ago

This kinda sucks, most of these games are never going to make it to NA, this event is really showcasing Japan only games (with a few exceptions, MGS4, FFXIII) Like Gamespot just announced that the PSP thing is Japan only.

[email protected]5212d ago

Poor little u. So naive, so innocent. EVEN if that happen (of course not) cuz many company like Atlus and Xseed will be glad to publisher any of those game if sell WELL of course. So... did u recieve pulse or some kind of wave from the future or what...? ALL the comment that coming from ur are bads or the worse for Sony topics. Geezz, give a rest to ur mind and ur hate. Don't jealous...

Like my brother said: Jealous is the combination of - admiration and hate toward something ^^. Be happy dude.

SmokeyMcBear5212d ago

are there region locks on ps3 games, i know there are online locks, well at least i think there are, but can't I buy a japanese game and play it on my NA ps3?

Odion5212d ago

guys chill I saying what real gaming websites are saying, that most of these games, plus the new PsP add on are for Japan only

fenderputty5212d ago

even if a lot of them are for Japan only, it's still good for the PS3 as a whole. This will lead to higher sales in Japan and more consoles out over the world.

Azures5212d ago

@5.3 you're correct, you can play from any region. it will just be in japanese lol.

[email protected]5212d ago

SmokeyMcBlunt > All the game are FREE REGION [PS3 only kk think a la PSP]. But the movie are lock by region as always. ur could easily import a Pal version and will play nicely on ur NA PS3.

Odion5212d ago

I know mate, if you re-read my first post the whole was i thought it sucked that most of these games weren't coming to NA, i didn't make any other statement

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