PlayStation Premier: White Knight Story Playable at TGS

At last year's Tokyo Game Show, Dragon Quest and Rogue Galaxy developer Level 5 surprised everyone with the unveiling of an original PlayStation 3 RPG, White Knight Story. This year, the game will return to TGS once again, only this time in playable form!

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lesbiansonyfan-girl4529d ago (Edited 4529d ago )

This game is the sh!t. Oh, somone disagrees?

MetalProxy4529d ago

Who the hell is running around disagreeing, come over here so I can choke you. This is another sweet RPG for the PS3!

[email protected]4529d ago

Give us the demo too on the PSN. Please!.

_insane_cobra4529d ago

I'm anxious to see that. Last year I wasn't as impressed with it as some people were, but it still seems like an interesting new IP.

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The story is too old to be commented.