PlayStation Premier: FFVII Crisis Core Images

Described as an action RPG, this game becomes the fourth entry in the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" project which includes Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII for mobile, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for DVD and Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus for PS2. Three new shots show why you'll need this game come September.

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EZCheez4115d ago

Even greater stuff would be FFVII remake images. Keep hope alive!

Marceles4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

PSPs will fly off the shelves when this comes out.

edit: *looks at disagree* wow...xbots are even in the psp stories

Vojkan4115d ago

Buble to you, now give one to me

[email protected]4115d ago

Agree and an bubble 4 ya' ^^.

CrazzyMan4115d ago

Respect for square, that they are trying to create one of best looking psp games, and show psp potential. =)

Rythrine4115d ago

Sepiroth got me sold for this game lolz. I really didn't like the idea of KH in the beginning but when I heard there's a Sephiroth secret boss battle, its a no-brainer from that point on.

[email protected]4115d ago

Best looking PSP game EVER!. Me want... I might how many time S-E it gonna take to translate the US version. 6 months top probably less.