Wada surprised at Versus XIII 360 reaction

Scrawl: "Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has responded to the reactions of Final Fantasy Versus XIII possibly coming to Xbox 360. Apparently, he’s surprised."

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Strange_Evil5140d ago

Waiting for M$es check to clear are we?

Lucreto5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

Or he looked out the window and saw a angry mob with pitchforks and torches or as it is Japan samurai swords would be a better choice.

thereapersson5140d ago

We will see FFXIII become a multiplatform game at E3, enabling Microsoft to once again parade around the mainstage about a game that is still multiplatform, yet will be pushed as an exclusive by Microsoft.

As much as I want Versus to stay exclusive -- because we have yet to see what exclusivity can do for a FF game this generation -- I have a sinking feeling that Wada will push for multiplatform status on this one as well.

We shall see what happens in the coming weeks ahead, eh?

cayal5140d ago

Nomura might be leading the mob of samurai sword wielding Versus-stay-on-PS3 mob

Noctis Aftermath5140d ago

He's suprised? has this clown been living under a rock this generation?


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Anon19745140d ago

It doesn't matter what console it's on. I think it just makes sense for developers to take their games multiplat.

My concern is that the 360's aged hardware would hold back development on the PS3. For some unknown reason, developers always try to keep their games exactly the same across platforms. Why? When the PS2 and Xbox were going head to head, everyone knew the Xbox was a more capable machine and no one had any issues using the Xbox's power to make better looking games. Yet this gen many seem afraid to play to the strengths of the PS3 when it comes to multiplatform releases.

I don't get that. We know what the PS3 is capable of because we've seen it over and over again through it's excellent exclusives. Make the best damn game on whatever platform you're working on and parity be damned.

Ludakriss5139d ago

Hey man..."virtual handshake to ya" I've been puzzling over the same thought for years. I have yet to hear a single answer from directors, devs about the matter. Strange.

UltraNova5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

No wonder Japanese video game development is in a course to extinction.. They forgot their own and em-brassed foreigners, the dollar mostly.. Its a shame Japanese culture is all but alive.

@ 1.1.6 and 1.17

The answer is pretty much in your face. MS is smart. The took advantage of the head start they got which made developers invest on the 360.

Then when they got them by the balls they told them 'If you dare making a multi platform game superior on the ps3 we will scrap the 360 version' and to keep them happy they greased the hell out off them.

What would you do if you were a developer back in 2006-07?

Sony, to their own loss, never did this with the ps2 and the ps3.

But why doesnt Sony force them not to release a game that is inferior on their console I hear u say? (especially heavy hitters like RedDR) It beats me!

Dont get me wrong I give MS the thump up, they have balls and they used them sort'speak, in the end it paid off.

deafwing5139d ago

I didn't think anyone else noticed that one ...
but ya, I'll never forget Onimusha on XBOX and MS's campaign on how much better it was ... Sony, devs, etc could do the same but it's all a little odd.

yet, dev houses, producers, etc know what they are doing .. they'll gimp games (on whichever platform) and keep them the same (more or less) to keep gamers in the current install base happy... if one game was so drastically better (in this case the ps3) visually/gameplay wise they would be missing out on the XBox Market (or vice versa); so they'll do this for sometime.

SkyGamer5139d ago

Not to diss on darkride as most of your comments are levelheaded. But exactly how the X360 aged hardware when the ps3 has an even more aged graphics card? The best thing in the ps3 is the 256 MB of XDR RAM. The speed on it is impressive. rsx is not and to put all fanboy issue aside, you know that too. I know that if Versus went multiplatform it would sting, heck think about the comments sony fanboys made when Bungie expressed wishes to develop for ALL platforms. Although it didn't affect X360 it still stung and that was worse because they WERE owned by MS and First Party. Difference is that SE is Third Party. So yeah it does sting but life goes on.

The amount of support for MS this gen is startling. Never would have thought it in a million years. Especially since they bought Eidos, a PC dev and publisher, yeah, things are going to get intersting very soon . . .

IdleLeeSiuLung5139d ago

Nothing startling about it. Profits speaks the loudest and you would be a fool to ignore the PS3/Xbox 360 right now.

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Das_Bastardion5140d ago ShowReplies(4)
LordMarius5140d ago

Maybe he saw Nomura's reaction

HolyOrangeCows5140d ago

Better start stockpiling discs, SE....

Denethor_II5139d ago

No need. They'll just compress and cut, compress and cut.

97gsx5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

Microsoft has the money. The problem is that the 360 might not be able to handle the world map and backtracking. He is waiting for the devs to give him the ok. Which hopefully they wont.

tigerstyle5140d ago

what makes you say that? Just asking, where did you get the facts?

Im not a fan of Final Fantasy anyways. But hopefully this baby stays on ps3 :3

FOXDIE5139d ago

he is talking about changing discs etc when moving from different areas on the map!

Disccordia5139d ago

...and Nomura said a few months back they might not make e3 due to changes to the way the world map worked.. It seemed to suggest they were making a more linear game, presumably to cater for the 360 for the reason Caso above stated.

MadMan005139d ago

Is this a joke? 360 can't handle it? PS3 is only better by graphics a bit and they don't need to use multiple discs, it has NOTHING to do with them watering it down.

Lost Odyssey had no problem with Back Tracking and the world was huge.

Trust me they will, you have no idea how either system works, you're a freaking idiot.

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Anarki5140d ago

I don't want 360 to gimp Versus ¬___________________¬ ;

Mc Fadge5140d ago

From what we've heard from developers, nothing suggests the PS3 will 'gimp' anything. We know that, on either console, exclusive development produces better results. When an exclusive PS3 game is being developed, then down the line becomes multiplatform, it is not going to be as good as it originally was. The same thing would have happened with the 360.

CimmerianDrake5139d ago

Let me get this straight, the PS3 is the reason SE REMOVED towns, NPC's, sidequests, basically a WHOLE game from FFXIII? You're saying the PS3, with it's immense capabilities for scale and visuals, is the reason FFXIII suffered major content cuts?

*sigh* delusional fanboys.

Game13a13y5140d ago

does anyone still give a crap about Square-enix after the FF13 incident? us PS3 fans should just abandon them.

Christopher5140d ago

Because nothing will convince SE to 'do the right thing' for their PS3 fans than not buying their products.

RBdrift5140d ago

The only reason I have a bit of faith in FF Versus is only because of Nomura.