Famitsu Reveals A New PS3 Exclusive - First screens

New Screens for other Exclusives and multiplatform titles including Bladestorm, Railfan, and more.

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi4138d ago

Just keep those exclusives rollin!

synce4138d ago

This is Vampire Rain, you idiots. The game already released on Xbox 360. It's like any old idiot can post news here. Look at how desperate PS3 owners are for exclusives, though. I know how it is. I own one. It'll pick up in a year or two. This is just plain stupid, though.

Marona4138d ago

But..... PlayStation 3 gets more content the Xbox 360 doesn't have + it also has a new name. "Vampire Rain: -アルタードスピーシーズ-" =x

hazeblaze4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

@1.1, you may be right about Vampire Rain although I've definitely not heard anything about the game on either system yet. But they still had 4 new PS3 exclusives listed too... maybe he was refering to one of those and not just the first game on the list.

The Japanese have an entirely different fall/winter lineup of games! And I want some of them! Even though we can play Japanese games on our PS3's, the games I want are all rpg's & would probably be tough to get through w/o understanding the text. :-(

I might try one and just use the english guides available online to see if I can still enjoy it. Of course, I already have enough games to buy this fall/winter anyway... but I'll give it a try during next year's drought.

Excalibur4138d ago

Gee, talk about wanting to start another silly flame war.

Anyhoo, congrats PS3 owners.

TriggerHappy4138d ago

go to the link and you will see new screenshots of upcoming muliplatform games as well

sticky doja4138d ago

I agree there are multiplatform titles on the link, but I think maybe your story title is a little bit aimed at flame. "Famitsu Reveals A New PS3 Exclusive - First screens" maybe should be replaced with "Famitsu reveals new games comming to platforms, one a PS3 Exclusive"

That is of course unless the original title said what you have as your title. I don't know because of the translation. Just my 2 cents.

timmyp534138d ago ... scary =(
Railfan sounds interesting... but idk about it

Ebay3rd4138d ago

So many new games coming out that one has to pick and choose which ones to get first....What a nice problem to have...

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The story is too old to be commented.