Red Dead Redemption Comparison by Ars Technica: "360 version has quite the graphical advantage"

Red Dead Redemption 360 vs. PS3: Ars Technicas thoughts

"Our review copies of Red Dead Redemption have arrived, which means it's time to get to work on some coverage. Rockstar sent both a PS3 and a 360 version of the game, and many people are wondering which version to get, so we thought we'd do a quick comparison."

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Ghoul4883d ago

Well, its an opinion nothing more. But i guess the 360 really seams to have a slight advantage.

im totally neutral. In the end it comes down to how many of my friends get what version of the game.

booni34883d ago

there is just no excuse for flamebait.

RageAgainstTheMShine4882d ago (Edited 4882d ago )

if sub-HD is your game

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pangitkqb4883d ago

It's nice to know which version is superior. With a growing number of reports corroborating the differences in both versions, I will be going with the 360. Just as I chose FFXIII on PS3 for obvious reasons.

Morituri4883d ago

Is superior defined by slightly optimized graphics or by exclusive content, because it seems that both versions have the upper hand on the other in different respects.

Desecron4882d ago (Edited 4882d ago )

Well put, pogibaldy... but this is n4g, we don't do "reasonable" here, gtfo.

Raf1k14882d ago

I think it's safe to assume that the reason for the extra content on PS3 is because of it lacking slightly in the graphical department.

booni34882d ago

and in that choice lies the beauty of multiconsole gaming. gamers up, fanboys down.

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ExgamerLegends24883d ago

He says that if you have both get the 360 version based on a slight graphical difference? What about the ps3's exclusive content? Hmmm, slightly better grafx or more features. Be a grafx whore or be a gamer? So hard to choose./s

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LeonSKennedy4Life4883d ago

It's an extra location and mission. I hate to say this, but OWNED!!!

TheBand1t4883d ago

Extra clothing and an extra area to explore.

ExgamerLegends24883d ago

The point is that 1 miniscule difference is not a deciding factor as the author would have you believe. And I would like to point out to those who cant read the "/s" at the end of my comment.

DMason4883d ago

Im sorry, but I have a feeling the reason R* offered up the exclusive content was because of the graphical difference. It's to entice people to buy the PS3 version. Because believe it or not, people will buy a version based on graphical differences.

The same thing can be said about Dantes Inferno. Why do you think it got additional content on the PS3? It's to keep the PS3 gamers happy because they know that EA ripped off God of War completely (even though nothing could technically rip off God of War, its too good).


''The same thing can be said about Dantes Inferno. Why do you think it got additional content on the PS3?''

To compete against GoW 3. Not because of the Graphics subject.

Hooby4882d ago

Consider that every single ps3 fanboy seems to think graphics > all, this must really get their panties in a bunch.

DMason4882d ago (Edited 4882d ago )

Yes, I know it wasnt because of the graphics. It was because of the gameplay. I was just making a comparison.

JD_Shadow4882d ago (Edited 4882d ago )

This is Ars Technica here. They've NEVER shown the PS3 much love. I'm not surprised that they are saying this stuff. I don't know why anyone else IS surprised.

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Solidus187-SCMilk4883d ago (Edited 4883d ago )

after Im done with AW Ill get RDR for 360. Im still more interested to see a better comparison tho.

LOL grey wolf. 360 has the better version of RDR. Just like FF13 is better on PS3.
Why are you talking about PS3 exclusives???? Is it because there is no superior 360 version of those games?

Way to go completely off topic and add nothing but a whining fanboy rant to the conversation.

beardpapa4883d ago

So how many multi console owners are going to skip out on the extra content for a minor Improvement in graphics?

SaberEdge4883d ago

So how many multi console owners are going to skip out on the better graphics for a minor bit of insignificant extra content?

SPARTANVI4883d ago

Well, skipping it to play with my friends on XBL.

If I wanted better graphics, I'd always buy the PC version... then play by myself.

aGameDeveloper4883d ago

The blurriness of GTA4 on PS3 (rendered at the same resolution) and the fact that it was such an eyestrain is going to prompt me to buy this on 360.What good is the extra content if I can't stand to play the game long enough to even finish it?

DaTruth4883d ago

Better to have blurry full streets and some kind of draw distance rather than a slightly crisper empty streets, no draw distances and insane pop-in!

Brock Danger4882d ago

Hate to burst your bubble, but the graphics are insanely crisp and the draw distance is ridiculous with, from what I've seen so far, no pop-in.

Objectively speaking, probably the best looking game I've seen

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villevalorox4883d ago

When I went to gamestop last night for the MIdnight launch they had 2 lines. for ps3 and xbox, ps3 line was well over double the size of he xbox line. I don't think this graphic thing will make the difference in sales at all. I have a good feeling that ps3 is going to outsell xbox on this one.

Biggest4883d ago

It's strange to me that unless the game is called Madden, Call of Duty, Halo, or Gears of War the majority of 360 owners just don't care. The same thing happened at Best Buy near me. The PS3 version was down to 3 copies before the night was done. The 360 version has 2 full displays and a few boxes left in the back.

sikbeta4883d ago

I'm totally OK with this, once again there is a MULTIPLATFORM Game that looks slightly Better on the x360, but everyone knows how this Start and how it Ends

Some Crowd will start to talk about "Console Superiority" by taking this game as The Primary example and denying Their Own Exclusive games that don't look as good as they were thinking and Hyping it so much, then when Someone try to "argue" by talking about Other Games That Looks AWESOME on the PS3, they'll just deny and talk crap, so this is pointless...

WildArmed4883d ago

lol @
'Here's another reason to buy the game for the Xbox 360: if you dislike playing with strangers, there are 16 Ars Technica members in the game's thread playing online with the 360 version, compared to three on the PS3. If you're going to be playing, sign up!'

So playing with random people on a site is better than people you already know IRL or old LIVE/PSN friends?

Anyways, I'm not hooked on this game yet.,
Alot of my friends have picked it up, so far it's split between my 360 n ps3 friends.
12 - 12.

Now I just gotta decide if this game is worth buying and what people i rather play with o_O

BannedForNineYears4883d ago

Lol@It's an opinion.
"The textures are more clear...."
Really....It's not a freaking opinion.

MEsoJD4882d ago

I have a ps3 but I would enjoy this type of game on PC More.

RageAgainstTheMShine4882d ago

All those broken promises of HD gaming both PS3 and 360 are guilty, is not fair on the consumer.

That's really disappointing and disservice to gamers expecting HD quality. Sony and Micros