Overclock Everything Part Two

While RAM is the less obvious overclocking candidate, as many people still consider it a matter of how much rather than how fast. Well, you can have the largest-capacity stomach in the world, but if your bowels can't clear the contents of it quickly enough you'll still hit nasty overflow problems.

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Antan5419d ago

C+VG? ok......8$

If you interested, read the pro`s


ben hates you5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

my RAM is only clocked at 667mhz i could do an overclock

my GPU RAM is 900mhz so i'm happy with that, i'm freakin waiting for nvidia to release a driver so i can SLI my two 8800s

i wouldn't mind overclocking my quad core, the freaking intel demonstration of Alan wake was on a 3.73ghz quad core processor, i only have a 3.2ghz quad core, i would like to run it at max please, i almost thought of getting it on my 360 but why not buy something to work on my freaking wallet burning PC

ShiftyLookingCow5419d ago

SLI for vista is still not here, it sucks

Frulond5419d ago

I'm not going to try overclock my stuff since I'm pretty sure I'll end up frying my components T_T

I was wondering... does overclocking is relative to power consumption? I mean... if your vid card, ram and stuff are running at a higher speed arent they using more power? and... if this affects your pc you may need a bigger power supply first before melting your current one

ShiftyLookingCow5419d ago

overclocking videocards and memory to some extent is a bit scary thing but Intel Core 2 processor are monster overclockers

ben hates you5419d ago

not to sure about that, i bought myself a 850watt power supply so i could SLI my 8800s thats a lot of power going through, but can only use one at a time for now

NRG5418d ago

Overclocking doesn't increase the amount of power drained dramatically until you actually increase the voltage and power being sent to the devices. (Which is typically needed or often you will not get too far) Once you do that, power consumption can multiply if you have the sufficient cooling. Your power bill can easily be impacted if you run your computer all day.

sak5005419d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

My pc is running on all overclocked components cept for memory. Had to lower the setting for it to run at 800Mhz. Cpu 2.4ghz @ 3.4Ghz watercooled. GPU 590/1400 7950SLI card.


Thermaltake Big water SE

ShiftyLookingCow5419d ago

very nice, what kind of water cooling?

ben hates you5419d ago

way overclocked intel core2 extreme processor running at 5ghz, and they used liquid nitrogen to cool it.

T-Virus5419d ago

who has NO IDEA what the hell any of this means?

ben hates you5419d ago

things go faster, smoother, better, and more expensive

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