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Gaming Age :

We know nothing about the game, other than it being a downloadable PlayStation Network game which looks a lot like a Micro Machines mixed with Stunt Race and will feature split screen 2-player racing. But here are the first screens.

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timmyp534207d ago

nice to get some original titles... retro games like street fighter are kool too though =)

tehcellownu4207d ago

so many announcement is concentrating on games games games!!!

Kratos_Kart20074207d ago

Glad to see SOny going after that Kiddie Market.....:)

I'm 34 and I fall into that Market...LOL..

That Hot Rod looks wicked!!!! (drools)

Antan4207d ago

Looking at these screens, i can`t help but hope Motortoon GP 1 or 2 make it to the PSN!!!

Bazookajoe_834207d ago

I kind of miss the splitscreen games since i bought my ps3, but it´s starting to look brighter on that front. I must say i was dissapointed that cod3 on ps3 didnt have splitscreen =(

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