PlayStation Premier: PSP TV - Images

As part of a flurry of announcements from today's PlayStation Premier event in Tokyo, Sony Japan announced a 1Seg Tuner device for the PSP. Attach this to the PSP USB port in much the same way that you attach the GPS receiver and camera to the system now, and you'll turn the system into a portable TV that's capable of receiving digital television broadcasts.

The 1Seg Tuner will go on sale on 9/20 at a cost of 6,980 yen. It will be compatible exclusively with the new PSP-2000 redesign, so current PSP owners are out of luck.

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Odion5428d ago

2 questions.

1. What is the Playstation Priemer I've never heard of it before
2. Is this little gadjet coming to NA?

akaFullMetal5428d ago

sounds cool, would be nice to watch some tv on the go or whatever, but is it going to the states,?? right now it seems the camera add on for the psp that has been out for about a year and a half is coming to the U.S. finally so it might take a while or ever to see this come to the states

Kaneda5428d ago

watch tv at church...NFL games on Sunday... never miss a game again...

bung tickler5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

i remember when my gamegear had a tv tuner... that was sweet for like 2 hours then the 6 AA batteries you put in it died... ahh the good old days.

timmyp535428d ago

nice accessory.. psp battery life should last way way longer than a gamegear ... i have a gamegear... sonic was the only game i played

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The story is too old to be commented.