Folklore Hands-on

Don't be confused with Folklore's previous title, Monster Kingdom: Untold Realms. Proudly wearing its influences on in sleeve, Folklore instead visits a world originally crafted by the likes of Brothers Grimm and ancient Western fairy tales. With a visual style that sits somewhere between Double Fine's Psychonauts and the hugely underrated time travelling adventure puzzle game Shadow of Memories, Folklore has a wonderful dreamy feel that is both dark and cheerful, colourful and sedate.

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hazeblaze5428d ago

I didn't really expect that much from this game from watching the vids... but after playing the Japanese demo, I was instanly sold! If you've been a long time playstation fan, then this is one of those games that you're almost certain to love. It has a very unique style, the presentation is gorgeous, & the gameplay is easy to get into but still feels very fresh without being repetitive.

timmyp535428d ago

cant wait to fall for this

hazeblaze5428d ago

Yea, one preview site described it as Final Fantasy meets Pokemon, lol. While the character design is obviously nothing similar to either series... that description does fit it kind of well once you start playing, except that it's real time action instead of turn based. It's very fun.

teh_tourist5428d ago

this should be a great game. but it will probably be passed over by mainstream

Bazookajoe_835428d ago

Yet another great game to steal my time away from studies ;-) I truly like the way it´s going for sony right now, some realy great fresh games seems to appear every month this fall =)

PS360WII5428d ago

Yea the demo was really nice but seeing that it was a demo you can't do to much in it... :(
I'll be awaiting a full version soon ^^