Second generation iPhone for $249 in September?

Remember all those version 2 iPhone rumors rumbling about back in May. Well, they're back and running amuck in Taiwan. According to DigiTimes, Taiwan's Chinese-language Commercial Times says that Taiwan's Wintek has gained the touch-screen panel orders for the second-gen iPhone. The report claims that Wintek has already begun test production in small volumes with Apple intent on selling their newest model of the iPhone in September for somewhere between $249 and $299. Unfortunately, the article doesn't state where this flavor of the iPhone will be sold.

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TriggerHappy4116d ago

Am yet to even get the current one, and a second one already ? FAIL

cdzie14116d ago

Because they realize there are limits to a market that will support $600 phones. You can sell $249 phones to 10 times as many people.

callofduty4115d ago

That is why I never buy electronics on their birthday, their younger brother will be cheaper and more user friendly.

TheWiseguy4115d ago

Dont turn this into an iPhone sucks bashing thread...the next iPhone will have less features and most likely be smaller than the current one to appeal to a different market...the current one will still be the top dog until atleast next fall.

MyNutsYourChin4115d ago

I think I'd rather buy another Wii. Oh wait, I can't because they're not in stock.

Damn you Apple and your cool products...

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