Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 to be playable at Leipzig

Konami have announced today that Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 will be making an appearance in the form of a playable Playstation 3 demo at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig.

Visitors to the Konami stand will be the first people to get a hands on play of this eagerly awaited game.

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Blankman5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

OOOOHH YEEEEEEEAAAHHH. The greatest sports title of all time baby. Can't wait to get this one. Am gonna be one of those importing it from UK or Japan wherever it hits first. You gotta love ps3 not having region lock.

They can lock the online??? WTF!!!! not fair

rev205428d ago

If it has a region lock online as thats the key part of pro evo and of course playing with ya m8's ;)

jromao5428d ago

This demo should be on store at speed of light, crucial for any living football player survival.

AudioRage5428d ago

this game is genius, i have the previous one on xbox and its so addicitve and the possibilty to develop your skill level is unbelievable! its classy online also, cant wait to get this one

jromao5428d ago

Konami already confirm PS3 version will be more complete in content and some features, no idea what, if you have the 360 will not bad if you try to play it on PS3 to compare that features/gameplay.

Hectic_Kris5428d ago

i really cant.. this game is guna kik A$$ also...the new fifas im guna chek out cus i got the last one as was plaseantly suprised (for a change) with it

Bazookajoe_835428d ago

In my oppinion this is the greatest sportsgame ever. Dont know if it´s true but i heard the ps3 version will be "better". I read somewere that ps3 version will be 17 gb.. Seeing forward playing this against all you ps3 pro evo fans ot there =)

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