Rockstar Responds - The company's NYC arm gives its opinion on the Manhunt 2 row

On June 22, following the announcement that Rockstar title Manhunt 2 was to be banned from sale, published an article entitled Sick Filth? by regular contributor Rob Fahey. (The article, it should be noted, expressed Fahey's personal opinions and not necessarily those held by

Rockstar has since contacted the site in response to the piece; the company's letter is printed here in full after the jump.

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Syko4138d ago

"A ban is only likely to encourage those who believe video games, already the most regulated medium in entertainment history, should be further restricted.

What about games make them deserve special treatment from the authorities? According to industry groups, the average games player is in his or her 30s, yet you support the widely held view that games are somehow a less sophisticated medium than cinema, only suitable for immature audiences."

For me that sums up the biggest problem I have with this whole AO\Ban that happened to Manhunt 2. I respect some peoples opinion on not wanting to play or see this game, But NOBODY has the right to tell me what I can and can't handle for myself. IMO

emptiness4138d ago

i disagree with you and think your opinion stinks. regulation is necessary. similar to how you regulate what you eat, you need to regulate how you think as well, otherwise you turn into a moron like yourself. playing games, watching movies, listening music that feed your mind negative and twisted messages make you as twisted. and shut up about "what i can and can't handle" because you can't handle it. since you're too immature to handle censorship this shows you're too immature to handle a game like this. stop trying to pull everyone into thinking like you, we don't need a world filled with douchebags who think that just because i can handle then it should be available for eveyone so they play it, f*ck up their mind, and go hurt others. jerk off.

MyNutsYourChin4138d ago

Whoa. Dude, seriously, you're going a bit far. This is a gaming website more full of opinions then facts. Syko was just stating his/her opinion and trashing him/her like that is immature and over the top. You may not agree with Syko but that doesn't mean you should attack him/her for it.

Like I said, this is a gaming site, not a political/idealistic soap box for you to stand on and preach to the masses. Your opinion is just as valid as any others but please refrain from personal attacks and name calling.

emptiness4138d ago

you should be on my side. you supposedly don't have a problem with censoship. and your arguing against these morons in here. why are you defending them now.

whatever, you're just like everyone else. thinking that its ok to release sick and twisted games and then when sh*t happens liek brother killing brother, teenager going on rampages, and whatever you're all like its the parents fault its the parents fault, games don't teach kids to be mean games don't affect us at all. you're all f*ckin stupid and ignorant. grow up and open your f*ckin eyes.

MyNutsYourChin4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

First of all, I try my best to be objective. I try not to take sides unless the matter insists that I stand up for a good and honorable cause. While your cause may be for the good of morality it is far from being honorable. The way you have argued is immature and verbally violent and for being someone who is against unethical video games such as Manhunt 2 you are delving into and responding with a similar emotional attitude as the very game you are against.

While I agree that Manhunt 2 is an irresponsible attempt at entertainment it does not mean that it should be banned for everyone. There are adults who are very capable of playing such games and continue to be mentally and socially stable.

We have freedom of expression and although Manhunt 2 is a game that exploits this as far as it can, it's still our freedom. I've never been impressed with R*'s attitude toward gaming but that's my opinion, and yours is yours, and Syko's is Syko's. So let it go.

If you want someone to listen to your rants maybe you should mail Jack Thompson a letter explaining your opinion. He tries his best at turning opinion into fact. Maybe you'll both get lucky but I doubt it.

P.S. I see you only have two bubbles and I was at first hesitant to take one but with your unnecessary attack on Syko and your poorly thought out argument I must insist that your bubbles be diminished.

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MyNutsYourChin4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Apart from the poorly worded and superficial arguments in the letter, this move by R* is rediculous.

You made a mistake, so fix it and let the consumer play your game. Stop crying and arguing about censorship. R* is NOT going to change anything, you're an irresponsible game development company NOT a political powerhouse. Get over it because censorship is here to stay whether we like it or not.

Seriously, with a name like R* I expect less whining and more delivery. So get to it and release Manhunt 2 already.

PS360WII4138d ago

He brings up a good point. It's not strengthening gaming to just ban games that don't preach the status-quo. How are we to evolve the gaming world to the medium of music, movies, and tv if someone who doesn't play any games they rate bans a game for not being like all the others.
Yes that wasn't the best written letter and should of been proof read by someone who has a literary degree but with the majority of gamers out there 30 and above why is it bad to have games that are meant to be played by them?

MyNutsYourChin4138d ago

R*'s point about strengthening gaming is a valid one but strengthening gaming also includes a moral responsibility by the industry to develop games that are ethical and do not portray human life as valueless or expendable.

There are other ways to strengthen gaming without resorting to irresponsible and grotesque creations of artisitic expression.

Bullseye4138d ago

Like producing s/w that isn't aimed at 18-24 yr olds and then claiming its aimed at thirty somethings!R*, stop behaving like one and produce something of merit.Banning this game doesn't weaken the industry, on the contrary, it strengthens the industry.People will see there is a robust rating system that has teeth and is prepared to bite.That's a good thing, because that can help allay concerns of parents and some sections of the media, who worry that games like Manhunt 2 are being allowed through without scrutiny.

MyNutsYourChin4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

I apologize but what's s/w?

EDIT: While I agree with you that the rating system should be robust and that this is a great example of it working, I don't necessarily think the ESRB is an adequate system. It has a few flaws that need to be addressed.

Nigther4138d ago

s/w means SoftWare, in other words games.

PS-Wii-604138d ago

There's no doubt games like this can have an adverse affect on the human mind, especially when compounded and especially to someone of a more susceptible age. One cant witness depraved acts of cruelty and sadism without eventually being influenced and changed. It will of course affect people differently and can range from simple apathy to the extreme homicidal impulses that are becoming prevalent today.
To say otherwise shows a complete lack of common sense.

All that being said, I still cant wait to play this fkn game. There was a depraved yet satisfying feeling to Manhunt that still sickens me to this day. I've been playing it again recently due to the negative press the sequel has received, and I must admit I still cringe during the meat cleaver/machete executions.

This contradictory stance may seem confusing but, it comes from being objective and unbiased. I can see Manhunt for what it really is without feeling the need to make excuses for it.

Yes, there's something inherently wrong about Manhunt but, it definitely appeals to my prurient tastes.

MyNutsYourChin4138d ago

Your honesty and attempt at being objective are appreciated.

You sir are someone who understands the dangerous and morally degrading nature of this game yet also understands the primal and grotesque desire of the human animal. Bubble for you.

Bullseye4137d ago

Bu11sh1t! Total psychobabble, i need not explain further.

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