Epic Blames Pirates For Console-First Development

Epic president Mike Capp talks about why they are now Console first devs and how they still love the PC market.

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JonahFalcon3169d ago

This wasn't a mystery, Mike Capp.

N4GAddict3168d ago

The money lies with consoles.

champ213168d ago

Why are Sony and microsoft making losses then?

sony being 5billion in the red.

micro yet to announce a good profit on the xbox. Micro would have closed shop had it not been for windows.

3168d ago
sid4gamerfreak3168d ago

@tigersnake86: Omg, here we go again...
The fact is there is still a lot of potential to make money on the pc which devs havent realized. Pc gaming has proved time and again that good devs who make good games get in all the cash, unlike the console market where any generic game can make an easy quick cash.

Pc games require quality and devs who spend time on that get a LOT of money...

If you don't believ me, just click on this link:

Devs like Epic are scared of pirates and not willing to take a risk, which is understandable yet by not making the game on another platform, which could increase their profits, they are taking a big risk.

t8503168d ago


The most money making game out there is on the PC. World Of Warcraft with around 11million Subs.

Thats about a billion in yearly revenue.

WOW alone makes more profit then Sony and Microsofts gaming division combined... since both of them are in losses lol.

Like Sid4gamerfreak said devs just need to work on it to get money on the PC. It just doesnt work like on consoles where any rehashed stuff will sell.

wicko3168d ago

You guys do realize that Sony and MS make money off software too right? Hardware might post a loss but Software makes up for it.

t8503168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )


yep we do. Fact they are making losses even software sales considered is alarming.

We know Microsoft is in it to mess up Sony. If thats their goal then they have been very successful so far.

Sony now deep in the red with 5billion usd + in losses.

Sony as a company announced 450million usd as losses for the last year. This can be thanked to the losses by the gaming division which stand at a hefty 850million usd alone for last year, dragging the entire company into losses.

Atleast 1 year into the PS2 generation Sony was making money. Today almost 4 years into this generation they are really hurting already. Now consider they need to invest money to research on the PS4 and then be prepared to make losses on that product. Doesnt look too good imo.

Greysturm3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Its not about micro or sonys revenue but rather all the publishers and game makers that make bigger wads of cash on a console than on the pc. You might say wow but i say oversaturated no other mmo or game on a pc for that matter will get a success as wow anywhere in near future so whats the point of developing first there.

Besides the nubers you site are for the companys as a whole not their game divisions which according to the latest info are profitable and helping their respective companies from being a lot worse.

Simon_Brezhnev3168d ago

@ Greysturm i said the samething but i got reported for spam lol

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Mo0eY3168d ago ShowReplies(1)
Blackbuster3169d ago

it exists on both Xbox360 and PC. PC is just easier. But that doesnt stop Valve from making millions.

jesuisankit3169d ago

I agree, I remember Valve saying around the time of HL2 release that digital distribution will be the future.. well atleast that's where they are heading with the Pc, with most of the companies now opting for releasing game on steam.. and it works really well.

Narutone663169d ago

console right now that games can't be pirated yet.

N4GAddict3168d ago

Privacy is easier on the PC than the XBox 360.

mrv3213168d ago

Not by as much as you'd expect, plus try and pirate AC2 of Silent Hunter 5...

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2late3169d ago

piracy was big on the pc before too, back in the day when they used to make good pc games

champ213168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )


Blaming piracy is very easy when you are putting out crap games.

I cant recall the number of unreal tournaments you put out to milk the franchise to hell. How many do you expect the ppl to buy? ppl wont keep buying the same crap with new maps over and over again.

All you got left now is Gears of war on 360. Which too only sells cause its a 360 exclusive and the fans like to support it. Aside that you got nothing left.


When i mention unreal tournament franchise milking, i ment for the PC. Which was where the game originated. Epic made sure milk the franchise on a yearly basis. Then they complained games dont sell on PC.

If they go ahead do the same with xbox 360 would they have had gears of war 5 out by now i am sure its sales would have plummeted too by now.

The real killer3168d ago

I'm not agree with some of youre statement.
The 360 is also pirated, i know allot of people play Gears illigal on they 360, but in order play live, you have buy the game itself.

You must know how much people play 360 games on there 360 illigal.

The real killer3168d ago

So, i got 2 disagree that means that some people believe that the 360 is not cracked.

Well, i din't know that some people are so un informed those days
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------

"hooked on phonics?"
What do you mean about this?

xDaRkModEx3168d ago

@Champ21, I agree with you on the fact that milking is bad, but it doesn't give anyone the right to go pirate it just because a new game is being released every year. Just don't buy, don't play it.

champ213168d ago

my point was... pirates will always be around.

however due to constant milking, the real buyer will just not buy anymore.

I remember i purchased the original Unreal, then unreal2, also purchased unreal tournament.

However once Epic constantly released a yearly game. It got stale i stopped buying or playing the franchise for that matter.

Pirates will always pirate it never expect them to pay, however constant milking without getting any new IP out will lead to the real buyer not buying the game anymore.

ultramoot3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Loss in sales does not automatically mean piracy. Just because a guy doesn't buy a game doesn't automatically indicate that he has pirated the game. It is very possible that many people didn't buy the game and didn't pirate it either.

I'm really tired of devs generalizing on the PC crowd, as if labeling all PC gamers as pirates. If they don't want to make PC games, nobody's forcing them to. Besides, remember when Gears 1 was touted as 'the best game of 2006' on 360? Remember the reaction it got from most PC gamers when it came to PC in 2007? I believe the most common term was 'overrated piece of s**t'(and no I don't give a crap what the so-called reviewers had to say). See how different the PC crowd and 360 crowd is?

P.S. - Cliffy B. is still 'Douchebag of the Year' every year.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3168d ago

They also have UE which has been the engine for Gears, Batman AA and Bioshock all with GOTY. Lets not forget Mass Effect 2 will also be up for GOTY. Gears is the 4rd biggest selling exclusive this gen over all gaming platforms, if you don't count the Wii then it's the 2nd biggest.

DeeBee3168d ago

Totally agree with you. I used to be a staunch fan of Epic and the Unreal franchise, but such terrible released as Unreal Tournament 2003 (which Epic themselves admitted was a mistake) soured it. UT 2004 was the best in the series ... then they figured they cater to the console crowd and release UT 2007 (excuse me, UT3, stupid console renaming BS). UT3 totally and utterly sucked on the PC and was a slap in the face to all loyal fans.

So Epic only have themselves to blame. If they were to release UT4 on the PC I can pretty much guarantee it will flop since most of the loyal fans won't want to get burned again with a simplified console port. I know I won't buy it ... well not unless they go back to their roots and develop it for the PC rather than for the XBox and then port it.

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The Tingler3168d ago

So why was Gears of War 2 the No. 1 Most Pirated Game of 2008 then genius?

kevnb3168d ago

there is no way it beat out wow

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