New PSP to go on sale in Japan September 20

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced that the updated PlayStation Portable will go on sale in the region on September 20.

The solid date comes following Sony's E3 confirmation that the redesigned handheld will launch worldwide in September.

The PSP Slim will retail for JPY 19,800 and comes in six colours: Piano Black, Ceramic White, Ice Silver, Rose Pink, Lavender Purple and Felicia Blue

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Babylonian4115d ago

Can't wait to pick it up

Mr VideoGames4115d ago

they do have Three Console's out PSP,PS2, AND PS3 and there doing well i think, ...what if Microsoft had Hand Held...that would be trippy

rev204115d ago

would be broken

sorry couldnt resist :)

VaeVictus4115d ago

I am definitely trading in the old model for the new one. Video out will be awesome.

MikeGdaGod4115d ago

is there an official date for the US?