PlayStation Movies on Demand launches in Australia on 20/05/2010

The game really is just the start of the home entertainment experience with the launch of the PlayStation®Network Video Delivery Service. Australian's will now be able to enjoy movies on demand, with hundreds of titles available to rent or own, at the click of button. Movie lovers can now watch more of what they want, when they want, with the PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service, available on PlayStation®3 (PS3™) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable). A wide range of titles will be available in High Definition and Standard Definition, from all the major movie studios, with additional content being added weekly. This brand new service goes live across Australia at 1am on Thursday 20th May 2010.

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Colonel-Killzone4575d ago

Good news for everyone in Australia. I just hope they do not rip them off in terms of how much it cost. Have some friends there I hear prices for games etc there is ridiculous

iorkara4575d ago

Well it's about time we got the video store here.
Yeah the games here are ridiculous! I pay $120 AUS for a new game. $100 AUS if I'm lucky. So in US dollars thats:
$120 AUS = $105.343 USD

The movie prices also revealed:
Rent: $3.99 AUS = $3.50550 USD
Buy: $7.99 AUS = $7.01978 USD

Khalid5054575d ago

Argh , When will we have this in saudi :(
too bad the world hates us

SB_tanker4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

I mean don't get me wrong or anything, this is fanastic news for Aussies but WHY HASN'T CANADA GOT THE VIDEO STORE YET!? First the US gets it, then about over a year later or something, Europe are the ones to get it next. Now Australia next!? Does Canada not exist or something!? Why the hell doesn't Sony just f*cking launch in the rest of NA first before moving on to the rest of the world? One fricken continent at a time please! This is just REALY pissing me off!