Wii Internet Channel lets hackers in

Hackers have reportedly found a new loophole in the Wii's Internet Channel that could allow the running of unsigned, home-made code on the console.

Apparently the exploit lies at the heart of the Flash Player (the software used for watching Flash-encoded video - like on YouTube) embedded within the Wii's web browser, and could allow the homebrew scene that's rife on PSP to kick off on Nintendo's hardware. This could, among other things, lead to the creation of game emulators on the console - a disaster for the Virtual Console, which charges gamers to play games from Nintendo's huge retro library.

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GoLeafsGo5428d ago

Low-tech homebrew games on the Wii?

Looks like the Wii will finally be getting some actual games.

Go hackers!

SuperSaiyan45428d ago

Forget WiiFit or whatever is I think WiiHack sounds a lot more fun hahahaha!!!

jaOSYH261nsw29m5428d ago

Looks like the Wii is the new Xbox 1. Everyone can hack it!

But this won't hurt their business one bit, the casuals won't know that hackers in obscure corners of the internet hacked the Wii.

Syko5428d ago

The story is wrong though, A software hack will not void your warranty unless you can not roll it back to the original software which I am sure you could.

Not much info in the story anyway. It's been hacked but no info on how or what has been done so far. If there is that little of info it should be kept quiet so it can be worked on by the hackers and not by Nintendo trying to patch it.

LeShin5428d ago

Well, I guess it's goodbye VC if hackers manage to put in emulators....

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