Eurogamer previews Fracture

Lucasarts sees this as the first game in a new franchise, rather than a stand-alone product - and it obviously knows that the game has to deliver moment after moment of pure fun if it's going to make it in this crowded market. Smart graphics will help, of course - and even at this stage, Fracture's graphics are really very smart indeed, borrowing a bright colour palette and strong, bold lines from the recent crop of superhero movies rather than from the gritty, Giger-esque approach of many other shooters.

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Bazookajoe_835428d ago

I have my doubts about this one, it´s not that i think it´s gonna be bad. But it´s rather that it might drown in all the other games thats coming. I mean if i compared it to Halo3, blacksite51, haze, ut3, killzone2, it doesnt realy comes far...