Gears of War online locked to Windows - Live

Anyone who wants to enjoy the carnage of Gears of War online on PC will HAVE to sign up to Games for Windows - Live.

Microsoft has told CVG that the game will only be playable online through the PC's version of the Xbox online service.

Although it's free to sign up to Games for Windows - Live, it's news that's sure to rankle PC gamers used to freedom and choice when it comes to online gaming.

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Hectic_Kris5428d ago

has changed i used to be a hardcore pc fan but having to shed out money every 6 months to update isnt for me and the 360/ps3 have games just as good if not better nowadays anyway and if you have xbox 360 and alive account u DONT need to pay to play GOW on PC but then again peeps who have a 360 will already have batterd GOW so.. i dunno...

PS360WII5428d ago

Although it's free to sign up to Games for Windows - Live,

I think that's all that needs to be said.

Odion5428d ago

ya wtf does he mean, have the freedom to choose where to play online, this concept isn't new, every game is tied to an online service, Blizzard= Battle Net, Valve= Steam, like billion games = Gamespy, Windows live is a freaking dedicated service just like the rest of them.

Rooted_Dust5428d ago

No, it's not like Steam or Battle-net, they don't make you pay for supplemental features that should be yours just for purchasing the f-ing game.

Merovee5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

Windows is an operating system that's already been paid for by the consumer. What this is is gouging in it's worst form. And signing up to have Microsoft Spy on your computer use habits.

Odion5428d ago

except that if you had an ounce of knowledge you would know that to just play online games PC to PC its free, the only thing that cost money is cross platforming.

Rooted_Dust5428d ago

It's also Voice chat in game, ranked games, and achievements. I have to admit I don't really care about achievements or ranked games, but voice chat is big, and only offering it to gold members is bullsh!t.

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Hectic_Kris5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

when has windows operating system ever been mentioned what are yu trying to say were talking about windows - live not the OS

Anyone who wants to play all these new good games coming out for Pc are going to have to purchae vista soon anyway pc gaming has gone all wierd iol just stick with my consoles for now (never thought id be saying that lol)

AudioRage5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

then none of the others offer it either.. so your point is (politicians never say stupid) it goes against all logic. Also as a user of windows live for gaming, i do really think its cool, it helps that i already had a live account, but like a silver account is free, and is so easy to use, with the unified friends list and invites and all. i like

If u are a 360 owner interested in games on pc, windows live is brilliant, i love the way its all coming together... but back on topic, what 360 owner wud buy gears for pc and not xbox.

Still, lockin it down to windows live for online will annoy some people

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The story is too old to be commented.