Games of E3: GTA IV – Latest News, Pics and More

SPOnG was treated to a sneaky, very in-depth preview of Rockstar's gloriously sprawling epic, GTA IV, earlier yesterday following the quick demo SPOnG managed to catch at Take Two's E3 conference. It is unsurprisingly easily up there with everyones favourite games of the show.

The main thing that really needs to be appreciated about GTA IV is that it really does achieve the task that Dan Houser and his team at Rockstar set out to achieve at the start of the project – the overall feeling of being a fully-rounded character taking part in an unfolding, epic story of life in Liberty City is truly astounding.

In GTA IV your character, Niko, is able to run multiple missions within the game at the same time, so there is no longer any feeling of 'complete mission A, then move on to mission B' as in past iterations of the GTA series.

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HeartlesskizZ5429d ago

I personally think this game will pound and own saints row, even the second one coming out.

Kleptic5429d ago

ha...the way you say that implies that there are people that would disagree with you...Who is saying Saints Row or any sequels would be better?

HeartlesskizZ5429d ago

maybe 2days-2vegas will make a difference but that game keeps itself buried and show no datails about it.

SuperSaiyan45429d ago

In visuals it could look a lot better imo, the characters and animation overall is still very square - its funny how all the talk was surrounding Table Tennis being the engine Rockstar would be using in GTA4 and the characters in TT were awesome!

HeartlesskizZ5429d ago

yep, not perfect character modeling but u know R* never been about graphics but gameplay. thats what makes their games so damn good and they Rock!

PS360PCROCKS5428d ago

your comparing a massive open world game's visuals to a game that included a small room, with a table, a light, 2 characters each holding a paddle, a ball and a small audience? you really can't see why they can't achieve the same results? and the characters are fine in my opinion

Gamer135428d ago

Give us more than what San Andreas had and it will be a better game.

IM OUT...///"""


Rockstar will yet again set another benchmark

For how games should be played.

Come thru with the Goodness Rockstar, I believe you can do it.

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