What's Killing Game Development?

Why do publishers have increasingly more control of development? Why isn't there more innovation in games? What happened to the great designers like Sid Meier, where is the new generation? Believe it or not, all these questions are related and are best asked with "why is modern game development the way it is?"

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Mr VideoGames4532d ago


DirtyRat4532d ago

The price of Progress.

Designing and building games is hugely expensive these days, thus publishers are more tightly in control of the purse strings.

We'll rarely see innovation now, it'll just be small twists of the same formulas. We really need to see narrative drama and intereactive experiences improve beyond, go there and collect that, go there and shoot that before it becomes really emotionally involving.

BIadestarX4531d ago

A few things need to happen in order to fix this problem... I think they are somewhat happening... Slowly ... but getting there..

1) Create easy to use development tools so developers don't have to spend too much time learning or making games.

2) Cheap or Free Software Development Kits.

3) Pay developers more money... saddly many web or business developers make more money than game developers and with a lot less effort.

4) Mass market video games... apeal to the masses... make other form of interactive form of entertainment... that's not a game... and let the consoles do all that... I think it's happening now with Blu-ray.. media center, etc.

Pugovitz4531d ago

How fantastically cynical, I'm so excited now that I'm gonna join the industry in a few years now.

Well, it gives me something to shoot for.