Echocrome author's website + free PC demo

Interactive software that enables characters to wander along blocks and staircases in impossible ways. While M.C. Escher is famous for his "trick of the eye" works, this piece enables users to create and experience their own Escher-esque worlds. Examples of such animation expressions are: character movements based on a 2D interpretation of attached blocks which are not contiguous in three-dimensional space; falling motions on a single plane, etc.

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SinX5425d ago

awesome! i just downlaoded it. it's exactly the same as the E3 demo

MyNutsYourChin5425d ago

This game looks super awesome (my inner child has spoken). This game has such an original and unique concept (my inner adult has spoken as well).

I'm all in.

mighty_douche5425d ago

at work at the mo but will be downloading the second im home!! after seeing a short trailer at E3 ive been wondering how this will play and soon ill know!! thanks to Lord Anubis!!

Merovee5425d ago

Cut to it and ditch the wooden dude and just plaster in David Bowie in that goofy "Goblin King" outfit and call the game Labyrinth already lols.

"Dude I finally made it to the Bog Of Eternal Stench..... that level sucks!"