Are Video Games Art?

Art – (noun) the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is of more than ordinary significance.
-’s definition of “art”

What is art?

I am not here to argue this, as I’m sure it could be argued endlessly, but I can tell you that almost anything can be art. Once it is aesthetically worth mentioning, it becomes art. According to the dictionary that is.

I, personally, think that anything in which someone tries to project a message through use of aesthetics can be considered art.

Thankfully, by both of these definitions, games are art.


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Fierce Musashi4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

I would still have to say no, imo.

Double Toasted4580d ago

Thats interesting. I don't think I've ran across anyone on here that didn't think they were art. I have a question for debate. Do you think your avi is art?

ChozenWoan4580d ago

The music in the game is not art
The story/script which is just like those in movies and plays is not art
The concept drawings are not art
The 3d models, which if made in clay would be art, are not art

Each of these elements alone would be considered art, but combined they are not? What sense does that make. It takes more artistic talent to make a game than it does to make nearly any other form of art... yet games are not art?

Lets just face the truth, there is a lot of various levels of art. Some low brow, some refined and sophisticated, some just too weird and too far out there for mainstream audiences. Yet they are all forms of art. So it is safe to say....
Video Games are Art!

Ocelot5254580d ago

games that I played and that are art imo:

-the darkness
-mirror's edge(astounding atmosphere, with the best ambient music I ever heard, replayed it 5 times just to look to the design and listen to the music, it's a shame that the plot is drap)
-littlebigplanet(brilliant atmosphere, music and design fits nice together, Particularly in the russian levels)

textbook examples of games that aren't art:
-wolfenstein(the modern one)
-fifa(no sh!t)
-red faction guerilla

there is a correlation between games that are art and games that are made by people who love their job

Etseix4579d ago

Shadow of The Colossuss
Metal Gear
God of War ( only visuals, .. dontr thrust me? go get some images on game on high def)

with the excepcion of god, the other games really are art, Metal Gear's art is its story. the game with the best story out there (imho) and its not even a RPG!

N4g_null4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

Art is not what the definition states above. The key word is ordanary significan. To a gamer this can be a game but do middle income people really support a muesem? At least not here in America. I'm in NYC today and most citys are not like this city. Art is every where not just in one building.

To rich people a game is still just a game unless it has real stakes. The problem is there is no gaming muesem and one artist can not explain why it is art they can only talk about what small peace they did.

Art is a personal vision coming from one person. Sure it can be more but don't expect the rich and powerful to care about that. Those are the people who have the final say so on what is art.

Because of this gaming should never become art. Imagine your favorite game not getting a sequel because that sequel is being made for some ungodly rich person. That is art. And 50 years later you may get to play it at a muesem.

I'm part of the art community it is not like the game community. Yet they both have good and bad things.

I'll stop before I go into thesis mode lol. Just because gaming is an art does not mean that's a bad thing, it's actualy a good thing. The true art scene is way beyond e3.
Gaming uses art that is not completely art. It could be but that would gaming some thing else that only a few people would enjoy.

To the people saying this are that is art, then if it is why is it not in a muesem? What only rich people have support muesems well that's the problem. Also does any college support games as another disciplin of fine arts. Hell illustration is not really supported in that way only painting and figure drawing. Not x men to be found.

Games also loose value because any one can buy them. You really have to be on the inside of the bird cage to see it's true form.

Fierce Musashi4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

After reading some of your comments, I can see where most of you are coming from. However, I still don't consider Video Games as art. Like I said, it's my opinion. Deal with it or forget it.

The main reason I do not consider video games as art is because they were never ment to be. I'm not going to deny video games have art in them, because they do ( though I don't recall acutally denying it ). A lot of games today have art in them. Take some of the games you guys've listed. But by the end of the day even with great graphics, story, music or whatever you are still making a product that is to mainly target and appeal to the gaming audience.

Things might change in the future, but as of now, I'm sticking to my opinion. Thank you.

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PotNoodle4580d ago

The word art is constantly thrown around with little proper meaning. Going off modern meanings of the word, there is absolutely no way you can say games can't be art.

Going off the old definitions, then that is what is still being debated.

N4g_null4579d ago

Even going off the old meaning games are still not art. You have to seek art buyers rather than gamers for games to be art, yet you would end up not make a traditional game.

Dellis4580d ago

Of course they are not, BUT art goes into the creation of these games, in the end they are GAMES with Art influence.

bjornbear4580d ago

having studied classic and modern art for a bit, my take is that there's no black and white way to really depends on what ASPECT of the game is art.

it depends on the game, the message and the design of the game, and the over all process.

the design process of games has articistic aspects to it, but some games (Operation flashpoint) are less artistic than others (okami)

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