PlayStation Premier: Katamari Damacy Creator Delivers New PS3 Game

Bandai Namco Games unleashed a big surprise at Sony's PlayStation Premier event today in Tokyo with the announcement of an all new game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi.

Titled Nobi Nobi Boy, all we have on this PlayStation 3 title are just a couple of pieces of artwork. The artwork and name ("Nobi" can mean "to stretch" in Japanese) suggests that the game will center around a flexible wormlike creature of some form.

Expect more details soon!

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Sevir045425d ago

i swear Sony is just doing things much better with the PS3 than the PS2, should be interesting to see what this is all about. it could be just as addictive and quirky and weird as katamary damacy

boi5425d ago

that why Sony weren't bothered letting go of Katamari because Sony had a new game form the like now you see why i kept saying Sony knows what they are doing!

original seed5425d ago

Whats to stop this new game coming over aswell?

timmyp535425d ago

looks like a lemming... a very wormy lemming lol

paracardium5425d ago

good for the people that like these kind of games.

Babylonian5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Should be downloadable. Or even better, downloadable and be able to port it to your PSP. That's what's Sony should do, That way they can compete with the DS and also cater harcore gamers (like me) with the PSP.

That's maybe the reason why Beautiful Katamari was canelled for the PS3. Sony maybe figured out that these games are better to be downloadable. I tell ya, PSN is getting better and better. With lots of original content coming.

original seed5425d ago

Some people still dont play online or should i say connect to the internet. It would only then reach a select audience instead of all. Now for a PSP owner it would be great to be able to download your PSN games so that you can take them to go. It will be a Better incentive for buying a PSP since its doing poor compared o the DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.