Rumor: New PS3 XMB Coming at E3

On the last episode of the CheapAssGamer podcast, CheapyD stated that he knows that Sony will show a PS3 XMB redesign at E3.

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VegaShinra4950d ago

I luv the XMB now only thing that sucks is reading messages.

zootang4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

I'd be ill if they changed it

Edit: I love it the way it is. I hope at least we get the choice to keep it

MasFlowKiller4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

In what world?

like my XMB better then the NXE because i use my ps3 for more then just games, getting to my music and movies is so much easier in the XMB

If they do change it, please don't clutter it with adds, i hate that on the NXE and i would hate in even more on the PS3 cause its my main console

darthv724950d ago

would be the way the store feels detached from the rest of the xmb. I like that they created shortcuts in each section but you still cant go back to other sections of the xmb without being prompted to leave the store.

That is really the only thing I got.

BannedForNineYears4950d ago

If they change it, it had better not perform any slower! I swear, performance>Polish.
I would rather have them speed it up than redesign it.

ChozenWoan4950d ago

I actually like the store being separate and hate all of the hotlinks they added.

I go into the store once or twice a week to see what's new, I don't need the store invading my gaming/entertainment environment, and heaven forbid they start dumping ads all over the place. When I want to go shopping, I'll go to the store, much like in real life. I know all of the new stuff is loaded up on Tuesdays so I usually check late Tuesday or first thing Wed.

I do wish they didn't use the same color icon for Home, The store, and What's New under the PSN section.

Now if they want to redesign the PSStore interface, that would be a welcome event. As is, it's something of a mess. They need separate icon types for PsP, PS3, PSOne games like they do in Japan's store. And seperate icons for movie videos from TV show videos would be nice. Not to mention a music section.

If they redesign anything, it should be the store interface... and just clean up the XMB a little.

HolyOrangeCows4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

So long as everything is as quickly accessible and they don't clutter the heck out of it like MS did with the NXE.

Hideo_Kojima4950d ago

Make all the PS3 menus feel the same...
XMB/Home/PS Store

I hope they don't change it completely like NXE.
Sony use the XMB in PSPs, Sony TV menus, Blueary Players (I think even in some MP3 players)

rob60214950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

Would love to see Home preload at least partially in the background, and maybe have a whats new in the XMB for home - so theoretically you could just pop right into your home apartment. Still takes too long to get into home.

And people might buy more home clothes if their home avatar was more visible to other people like MS avatars. Maybe it should be part of each profile on the friends list.

DigitalRaptor4949d ago (Edited 4949d ago )

Yeah, I agree.

I don't want to feel like I'm shopping when browsing my PS3.

I choose when I want to go shopping, whether it's going out to the supermarket, or clicking the PS Store icon on the XMB.

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WhittO4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

I did love the XMB but now it feels really cluttered and disorganised.

They could easily solve that by having say 1 icon instead of 4, like 1 for all game saves (PS1/PS2/MiniS/PS3 etc).

I think Dynbamic Themes help make it look better, but I think Sony should do a better job at integrating their services, like the friends list/trophy card dont even feel like part of PSN, where as the PS Store is on its own, not connected to anything else in the XMB interface (except the other PS Store icons which are unnecessary to have in Video and Games too!)

WhittO4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

@ disagrees, so your saying it isn't annoying that every time you change icons it annoyingly loads something up like from the PS Store or from the "Whats New", and it doesn't feel like there are lots of icons to 'flow through' to get to something now?

Guess I must have like an extra 5 icons to scroll through per column or something haha.


'' disorganised. ''

Lol, XMB is the best Interface to Organize.

Marojado4950d ago

I would agree with the Friends List needing changing. I love the XMB, but whilst the online community is growing, it sometimes feels a little difficult to be a part of it. Being able to see your friends' friends lists and compare games/trophies with them would be a small change that would open up the community that little bit more.

WhittO4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

No, actually XMB is difficult to organise, for example do you know how long it takes to put 500 pictures into separate folders!!? You should be able to tick off which pictures to add to the folder, like when making a playlist, not have to go into edit each image and type the folder name EVERY TIME.

When adding videos, a large number of random folders are made, perhaps not the ps3s fault as it is trying to organise them, but how about instead of all them folders for each different video, they have '1' that is simply marked - imported video, or downloaded videos etc, until you move them.

Like I said, alot of these problems can be solved easily, sometimes it feels as though they have a team of like 3 people doing the entire FW updates and they just dont have the time to do all of the things we ask them.

Hideo_Kojima4950d ago

Yeah the renaming each album for every singel song/video in my case is really annoying sometimes.

It seems as if they could fix that easily though its not a technically difficult problem.

I think if this rumour is true we may get something completely different not just small changes to how the XMB works.

They may (I hope they wont) scrap the whole XMB concept and do a NXE move on us.

rob60214950d ago

I always wonder if the dynamic themes eat power when I leave the console on. It seems like the fan kicks on more often than when i use a static theme, it's more of a problem cause I have an original 60gb.

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captain-obvious4950d ago

"New PS3 XMB Coming at E3"
oh god PLZ be true

its not like i hate the XMB
but i think its time to change
some kind of new blood

edgeofblade4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

I don't see how the XMB could get a "redesign", at least one of the order of the 360's NXE upgrade.

I actually like both the NXE and the XMB equally. I find the XMB to be very utilitarian and to the point, but 360 has more dashboard features, objectively speaking. They both do what they are meant to do very well.

woolley4950d ago

If they do make changes I hope they're small cause I like the easy navigation that the XMB has now.

Shang-Long4950d ago

If there's a premium service, I can see this happing

Heartnet4950d ago

If they get rid of Syncing then im all for a redesign :D

vhero4950d ago

Maybe If they allowed custom themes like on modded PSP's THAT would be cool! However if its a new redesign completely people would get p*ss*d off because off all the themes they purchased like myself.

nnotdead4950d ago

you can get custom themes. just type in ps3 themes in your search engine, and you will find a bunch of websites with custom themes. you can download them straight from the PS3s web browser.

Super-Brad4950d ago

I like the way the XMB is, but I agree that reading messages sucks, especially in-game, like the 360 I believe Sony should slim the ingame XMB down to the only needed catergories and with the options that do work ingame.

randomwiz4950d ago

The only thing I don't like is the friends tab, otherwise the xmb gets the job done.

Tomdc4950d ago

yeah! messages suck at the moment. I still hate how they changed it so you can't go to message lists by just clicking the user's pic :(

FACTUAL evidence4950d ago

another rumor! Don't get my hopes up!

sikbeta4949d ago

XMB = Awesome the way it is...