Top 20 Publishing Giants 2007

Next-Gen's second annual list of the industry's biggest publishers focuses on industry change, as the challenges and opportunities of the hardware transition begin to reflect in company finances. Plenty of statistics and analysis detail the emerging winners and losers…

Here is the list, see the article for the details.
1. Electronic Arts
2. Nintendo
3. Activision
4. THQ
5. Take Two Interactive
6. Ubisoft
7. Sony
8. Vivendi Games
9. Microsoft
10. LucasArts
11. Namco Bandai
12. Sega
13. Midway
14. Atari (Infogrames)
15. Square Enix
16. Konami
17. Disney Interactive Studios
18. Capcom
19. Eidos (SCi Entertainment)
20. Majesco

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Bloodmask5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

The majority of the posts that I see on N4G are negative towards EA. Always saying they make subpar games and rehashes every year.

Who is buying these games?

I think companies like EA stagnate the industry. And I think that it is hilarious that their new President stated that their are too many sequals and unoriginal games. I think he applied for the wrong job.

TnS5425d ago

The Sims is always first on the sales chart. :)

Mr VideoGames5425d ago

if you ask me Ubisoft needs to work on there Development with the Games and get all the Gliches out before they send there stuff out

kewlkat0075425d ago

is a GIANT. That's the only way I can think of it. They have lots of Money, and they have been swallowing smaller development studios since the 90's. They have a lot of franchises, as well they are big enough to publish, lots of games from smaller devs and other studios. I watched a special on EA studios, and man they are big. They continue to eat studios up.

All the top publishers are on there. I thought Ubi would be higher, and I didn't think MS publish many games but the more money you have the better.

JAWs5423d ago

I like the games and don't really mind what company puts out the game, but EA does have a good reputation, they just need a few more ideas, simalar to most other companies.

And where is Sierra, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they make best selling Half-Life